Must Visit Motor Shows [Infographic]

Welcome to the Auto Motor Show!

Lamborghini Reventon

We begin with most likely the greatest Motor Show on the planet: The Frankfurt Motor Show. Otherwise called the International Motor Show Germany, the show happens in the Messe Frankfurt and pulls in around one million guests for every year. The show is split in two parts, with business vehicles being appeared on even … Read more

The Power of the Handshake

Your Handshake Says It All

A few years ago, I applied for a Loss Prevention job at a Macys Department Store in the mall. I had not worked security in years, but I had wanted to get a second job to make some extra money, and I had about 5 to 6 years of experience in security, so I figured … Read more

The Chinese Take Out Experience

Spending your childhood working as a counter staff in a Chinese Take Out is a great way to grow up. Fortunately, this is a standard industry practice and the kids get a healthy dose of dealing with model citizens who are verbally abusive and condescending. We also run into a lot of wacky and eccentric characters. So, here is a … Read more

A Note to Women Shoppers Everywhere

Here is a guide to shopping in clothing stores:

— When approaching a table of sweaters, where it appears that a staff member is about 95% done tidying up, it is advisable to ask said staff member to get the size you require. What is not advisable is to tear through recently tidied sweaters just to see what each colour … Read more

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