Happiness in the United States [Infographic]

Is The United States Happy?

Happiness at Work

The United States was once known as the best country in the world, and to many, it still is. When it was founded by the forefathers, it was seen as a land of opportunity, a land where freedom could reign, and the people ran the country by votes. This land of America, the United States, … Read more

Red Wine: Best Investment of the 21st Century

Invest in Red Wine for the 21st Century

Investment is a tricky subject to get right. Many people will provide advice on the best property, stocks & shares, government bonds or even art to spend your money on and be almost guaranteed a good return. There are not so many people who would recommend red wine. However, new research … Read more

Rising Costs of Cooling [Infographic]

Air conditioning ensures that the air inside your house remains cool, fresh and comfortable even while temperatures are soaring outside. Air conditioning is no longer a prerogative of only the rich.

Today, air conditioners are installed in more than 370,000 houses in Britain. America alone is reported to consume more energy for air conditioning than all other countries in the … Read more

Every Job in America [Infographic]

There are millions of jobs that are created, exist, and some are jobs are replaced by machines or eliminated altogether, as they are no longer needed, while some have not even been created yet, but there are certain jobs that are and will always be needed, are always in demand, and will always require service workers to fulfill these jobs. … Read more

Internet Consumption Around the World [Infographic]

How much Internet Consumption is in your country?

The internet certainly one of the most advanced inventions of the century. We can do many things with the internet; we can connect with the world as well as we can get information we all need by browsing different search engines within few moments as it iss having faster communication, providing various … Read more

The United States Can End World Hunger – By Ending Drug Abuse [Infographic]

$30,000,000,000 is the expected price per year to end world hunger as of 2013. For many people, they look at this number as an outstanding price for world hunger. The question posed is, “How much money is $30 billion really?” This new infographic from 12 Keys Rehab examines the economics of drugs.

For the United States of America, if everyone … Read more

The Zen of Costco

First, be sure that you are prepared. Do you have The Card? What do you Need?

Next, consider the day and time. This is simply an exercise. There is no time that you can go to Costco when it will not be crowded. Accept this.

Stage one of your journey is the parking lot. The people are not looking. Do … Read more

Professionalism is a Must in Fitness Training

Being in the fitness business, you need to have a good body and a personality to go with it. I am a personal fitness trainer. I have worked with some of the biggest gymnasium chains in America and after years of hard work and turmoil, I earned my name and reputation as a good personal trainer. I love my work, … Read more

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