Cities Worth Visiting For Their Airports [Infographic]

While Visiting These Cities, Check Out Their Airports

NYC Freedom Tower

There are many times where you may get a layover flight, and if it the delay is for many hours, there are times where you may want to head out of the airport for a chance to see and experience the city where the airport resides. There are other times, however, where … Read more

Most Checked-in Airport Lounges [Infographics]

Hanging out in Airport Lounges

Airport Lounge

Most people do not get to enjoy the benefits of airport lounges, but there are plenty of travelers who travel so much, they have made it a mission to personally discover unique and comfortable lounges they can stop at during their visit to the airport. Common visitors to lounges are usually businessman and military personnel … Read more

Guide To Hiring A Wedding Car [Infographic]

Groom’s Guide For Wedding Cars

Wedding Car Decoration

Getting married is one of the most stressful life events that can have a sweet bride and cool groom experience without resorting to pulling their own and each other’s hair out. But, with careful planning, and keeping your feet on solid ground, the Big Day will be as spectacular or refined as you want.

When … Read more

Service With A Smile For Everyone – Tips For Serving Customers With Disabilities

Whether you work in a restaurant, a beauty parlour, a library, an airport or a car dealership, you will likely encounter a customer with a disability at some point in your career. People with disabilities will travel, shop, enjoy community programs, do business and attend events, just like anyone else. If you work within a customer service role, it is … Read more

New Job Over Winter Break

I was so looking forward to winter break and getting to visit England to work for William. We had been planning this trip since fall had turned to winter. It would be a nice treat to get away from it all make some extra money and actually enjoy the snow instead of dreading driving in it. I am the planner, … Read more