How Porn Drove Innovation In Tech [Infographic]

Porn and Technology

Porn Search

I regularly write about the topics of love, sex and relationships and I produced this infographic.

It was fascinating learning about how demand for porn and erotica led to technology developing at a faster pace. Its impact on the development of faster broadband, along with online payment systems, and even 3G mobile today is truly amazing. The … Read more

Great Ways To Boost Your Office Productivity [Infographic]

Advances in technology have greatly increased the amount of information that we can process in a working day, but as those advances have occurred, our workloads have expanded. Many office workers struggle to cope with the distractions and challenges of the modern office. This informative infographic highlights some of the biggest productivity drains in modern offices, and explains how managers … Read more

Worst Boss Ever

I had been looking forward to this interview all day.

Never in my LIFE had I experienced an interview such as this. It started with a test ..

Why is a manhole round?


So they gave me this test which I didn’t even get to finish because this ugly old man to the likeness of tweedledum mixed with … Read more