What Happens To Your Body When You Take A Nap? [Infographic]

Nap Time Is The Best Time

Nap Time for Adults

As any adult knows only too well among many other things, getting a good night’s sleep is vital in being productive at work.

There’s plenty of research to suggest this too and according to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimum way to be as rested and refreshed is to have 8 hours sleep … Read more

How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial [Infographic]

Start Teaching Children About Entreprenuership

Teach Kids Economics

As a society, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of education in developing our careers later in life. This was shown to be true in 2016 when it was reported that record numbers of students had been given university places. All forms of traditional education are seemingly vital is offering us a balance … Read more

Workplace Violence: Are You Safe?

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Preventing Workplace Violence

Life is the most precious gift anyone can receive and to be alive to experience life is something that millions of people never get the chance to do. Many people alive take life for granted, not really understanding the complexities their body has undergone in order to adapt and survive to almost any and every … Read more

Webcam Modeling Insight

There are numerous adult jobs available all over the world today. However, there is a certain job opportunity that has proven to be the best adult stripping job among the many adult jobs. We are talking about webcam modeling jobs or webcam modeling. For it to stand out, there must be reasons as to why this opportunity is becoming noticeable … Read more

The Observation of a Pathological Liar

Names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

Everyone lies. Lying is inevitable. There are lies which are technically harmless, often resulting in no consequences. There are also lies that are harmful and can be very dangerous. Lying is not something that many people can do well. Lying can come in many different forms such as … Read more

39 Year Old Chronic Masturbation Addict

Hi all, my name is James and i am a 39 year old chronic masturbation addict. I remember that i started to masturbate every day at the age of 6 when masturbation was just an “unconscious” habit that i did 2-3 times every day to make my body feel good when i had nothing else to do during the day.… Read more

We Are All Just Children Pretending to Be Adults

When Do We Really Become An Adult?

Biz Kid

When I was younger, I thought my parents were adults. In fact, I knew they were adults and although I never wished to be an adult, I knew the day would come where I would be an adult. Throughout my childhood, I had chores to do – dishes, laundry, and vacuuming, which instilled … Read more

Secrets of the Bathroom

The subject is one that not many people dare to talk about. But it is something everybody does and knows about. Everyone who is alive has to use the bathroom. There is no secret that what we eat goes through us, our bodies use what is needed, and the waste needs to get dumped, causing us to have to use … Read more

Working as a Teenager

For teenagers, having a job is a way of making money, just a way of having extra cash for movies or clothes. It makes you feel independent. Personally, it made me feel sort of like an adult. It taught me how to be responsible and to handle my finances. I had to learn how to take public transportation, how to … Read more

Open Letter From Your Local Adult Store Clerk

The World's first body-adapting vibrator

Dear Adult Store Shoppers,

Maybe you want to buy some pornography or maybe you’d like to purchase some condoms, lube, lingerie, toys, games or whatever other merchandise we carry. That’s great, and I hope you find what you want in the store, but please, avoid these pitfalls and be a good customer.

1. If you are a needy as hell … Read more