Females Inspiring in Motorsport [Infographic]

Women Who Love The Race

Danica Patrick Racing

The motorsports industry is in an exciting and fast-paced environment to work in. Typically, it is associated with men but the motorsports industry is slowly changing, losing its male-dominated image and inviting more females to enter. As it stands, more women are starting to work behind the scenes and participating in the sports itself.

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How To Negotiate A Salary Rise With Your Promotion [Infographic]

Negotiating a Pay Raise

Negotiate Pay Raise

Earning a promotion is a wonderful feeling, and the confidence it brings can find you – quite rightly – asking for a salary rise to match your increased responsibilities. Your boss may see things another way, however, and rather than charging in with a list of demands and expectations, it is advisable to enter into negotiations … Read more

Top 20 Questions to Ask in an Interview

Interview Questions To Ask


Interviews: for some they are piece of cake, for others more so stollen. But if you cross over to the other side and ask the questions, it can often be just as challenging. A place that understands this challenge is one of the top Oxford conference venues, Oxford Abingdon Hotel.

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Powerful Names For Your Baby Girl [Infographic]

Powerful Women To Name Your Baby Girl After

This infographic from Momjunction team consists of a list of 7 women from history who have conquered the world with their achievements and leadership skills.

These names of incredible women from history would be a good pick for your baby girls. This infographic is a tribute to these women who contributed to … Read more

Keep You And Your Employees Smiling

Seven Ways To Keep You And Your Employees Smiling

Employee Happiness Customer Happiness

Having a motivated workforce is all about making everyone happy. However, in pressurised workplaces with a variety of personalities involved, you may find that you struggle to keep everyone happy all at once. A nod to one person might seem like a snipe to another, and as a manager you might … Read more

Write Something Positive About Yourself [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Write Something Positive About Yourself

Think Do Be Positive

We tend to go through life, accomplishing many things, without much thought into how amazing we really are, how many goals we set for ourselves, how disciplined we were on ourselves as we worked to meet those goals, how many things we actually accomplished, how much we struggled, and all the … Read more

Parents Helping Kids With Homework [Infographic]

Parents helping kids with homework is something required by the American educational system. The reason for this is quite simple – time spent by an average student out of school is about 70%, and studies should constitute a big part of it. And it is one of parents’ obligation to get involved in his or her child’s studying life, so … Read more

Fed Up of Working for the Man? Become a Handyman!

If you’re in a job you hate there’s no reason for you to think there’s nothing else out there for you. Many individuals in the UK are carving their own careers by creating their own jobs. One of the options you could consider is to become a handyman. It’s a job that allows you to define your own hours, pick … Read more

Looking For Someone At The Top Of Their Game

Looking for high flyers to take on executive roles is a specialist job. Looking for an executive role means pitching your credentials on a CV lays out all the facts about you and your career history for any potential employers.


Curriculum Vitae

The term is Latin and roughly translates as ‘the course of your life’. Writing a CV at … Read more

How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

Negotiating when it comes to an increase in pay is not only important now; it will be in the future too. Learn the art of negotiating an increase in your salary with ‘How to negotiate a pay rise’.

Know your worth

If you are looking to negotiate an increase in your salary, you need to first know how much you … Read more