Is A Public Speaking Course Worth It?

Could a Public Speaking Course Be A Worthwhile Investment for You?

Before Public Speaking

At home, at work, at the shops, we all speak out loud on a daily basis. Whether we’re lecturing our children, chatting with friends, or engaged in small talk with neighbours, overall, we’re pretty comfortable with casual verbal communication. Yet, once we step behind a podium or face an … Read more

What Is Really Killing The English Language?

Learn English

Suppose we are clear that we want to learn English “definitively”, stop being once the eternal apprentice English, give a great boost to our learning up leaving a few months abroad. We might think that is enough to have enough money to live for a while, point us to a language school and choosing the right country, right? Well, although … Read more

Why Hire A Private Home Tutor For Your Child?

Home Tutor for Children

Home Tutor Child

Each child is different and they differ in their behavior and learning abilities. Some understand the concepts very easily in school while other may need some extra time, attention and support to help them perform better in exams and improve their grades.

But in today’s competitive world, the need to be on the top of academic Read more

Benefits Of Learning A Musical Instrument

Learn a Musical Instrument Today

Music is the very essence of life. Since ancient times music has been a part of our lives. Whether it is a joyous moment like adding a new family member or wedding, or sad ceremonies like funerals, we need music to complete every important occasions of our lives. Music is a delight for our souls, … Read more

How Mathematical Ability Predicts Career Success [Infographic]

Higher Chances For Successful Careers With Mathematics

College Mathematics

Evidence suggests that mathematical ability is an important indicator of career success. Many people believe that you are either good at maths, or you’re not, but studies indicate that children have a surprisingly large capacity to learn maths at a young age.  However, they are simply not given the opportunity to do so, … Read more

CAT: Common Admissions Test [Infographic]

About CAT Management Entrance Test

The CAT (Common Admission Test) is a CBT (Computer Based Test) held in India. The entrance test evaluates a candidate’s data interpretation, quantitative ability, logical reasoning and verbal ability, for pursuing management courses in reputed institutes like IIMs, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other business schools in India. To … Read more

The Future of Internal Communications [Infographic]

Internal Communications for Business

Internal Communications

Internal communications (IC) radically improves, controls and measures the way employers communicate with employees and stakeholders, helping to drive positive employee behaviour and increase engagement with influencers. The future of this industry is very bright as organizations are increasingly recognising its importance.

This infographic highlights the trends within the industry, the most popular channels versus the … Read more

Getting A Job At Google [Infographic]

Named as the best company to work at, there is no doubt that a lot of people want to work at Google. The company invests so much in making their employees happy. The perks are overflowing and there are a lot of free stuff to keep them motivated at work. The workplace itself boasts of a very comfortable environment. There … Read more

Are You Cut Out for a Job as a Chargeback Analyst?

Are you interested in financial issues? Do you have the ability to appease disgruntled customers? Are you ready to work for a large corporation?

If so, you might be interested in a job as a chargeback analyst.

Wait…What is a Chargeback?
Before you can figure out if you’re cut out for a job as a chargeback analyst, you must first … Read more

5 Things To Remember When Starting A Business

Starting a business is exciting and challenging all at once. During the formative stages of any company, as the owner you’re certain to be busy and trying to juggle many balls at once, as the old business metaphor goes. With so much going on around you and inside your head, it can be difficult at times to focus on the … Read more

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