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Why Are You Not Successful? [Infographic]

Author: Matthew Gates
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The realm of the real spirit, the true artist, the saint, the philosopher, is rarely achieved. Why so few?

Why is world history and evolution not stories of progress...but rather this endless and futile addition of zeroes?

No greater values have developed.

Hell, the Greeks three thousand years ago were just as advanced as we are.

So what are these barriers that keep people...

from reaching anywhere near their real potential?

The answer to that can be found in another question, and that's this:

Which is the most universal human characteristic —

fear or laziness?

Louis MackeyInspired by George Santayana's maxim: "Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled."


Everyone has the chance to be successful. Success can be defined in many different ways and is dependent on the person who defines their own success. For some, it is simply having a job and being able to feed themselves and their families. For others, it is achieving great financial wealth and making millions of dollars. Success may just be having your dream job. Success should never be defined by another person. You define your own success and set your own goals which you wish to achieve.

There are far more reasons why people are not successful. They may come up with a series of excuses and there may even be some things that stand in their way such as lack of education or lack of experience. Many people who are not successful are afraid to fail, afraid to try something new, or are simply not motivated to go the extra mile, preferring to just show up to work and not care as much as they could care. These people may be negative, blame others for their problems, or even blame their parents for their issues.

They may not see the big picture and only see what is just in front of them, instead of knowing there is something great around the corner waiting for them if they just work for it. They may not even want to be successful or believe that they were never meant to be successful or may just have a negative attitude towards their lives and everything they do. These are false thoughts.

Remember: Everyone is responsible for their own success and failures.

While life events may play a role in shaping the individual, everyone has a choice. Whether you come from something or nothing, you have the choice to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Almost everyone must work for their success.

If you choose not to work and be successful, you will reap what you sow. If you choose to work hard and earn a living for yourself and aim for success, you will find your rewards are very delightful. Success does take time and will not happen to you overnight. It may even take years, but you will find your path and with success comes everything else that will fall into place. You will certainly fail in some areas, but these failures are your chances to seek out new opportunities for success.

This infographic provides 13 reasons you are not as successful as you should be.

Why Are You Not Successful? [Infographic]

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13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Could Be

I don’t think there’s an easy way to put this. I have to assume that you’re lazy. Every single successful person works their butts off to get where they are. It’s ok to be lazy. Just admit it. But don’t whine about not being rich and successful, ok?

Only a few people in the world are a part of the lucky sperm club. You and me? We gotta work to get what we want. Quit thinking you are owed something. You’re not. Get to work.

You are afraid, plain and simple. Afraid of looking silly. Afraid of what your friends and family will say. Afraid of everything. Look, you’re either going to stop being afraid, or you’re not. Nobody can convince you to stop. Imagine though… what awaits you when you stop with the fear excuses?

You may not realize it, but the people you associate with might be negative [orfices]. They could be soul-sucking beings who don’t want anyone to be successful. Get rid of them, now! Surround yourself with successful people. People you want to be like.

How much do you want to bet you have paralysis by analysis? You think way too much about what you could or should do. Doers get what they ant, and everyone else gets what they get. Stop analyzing and start doing.

You plan nothing. You believe that someway, somehow, everything you always wanted will just magically happen. So you “play it by ear” and wait. You need goals to shoot for. Otherwise, you’re just treading water.

7. “THEY”
There’s no “they”. There’s no secret group of that controls your success or failure. You’ve made that up to make you feel better about yourself. The truth is you, and you alone, control your success in life/business/everything. It’s easy to blame “them” though, isn’t it? Weak.

8. No “X” Factor
You can’t do it because you’re not pretty enough. Or you don’t have a strong personality? You don’t have the “X” factor? Wow, what an unbelievably lame excuse. The truth is even jerks, idiots, and boring people can be just as successful as anyone else. Your problem is you don’t believe it yet.

9. Waste Time
You’re a class time-waster. You spend hours and hours every day working on not working. You do things that aren’t productive. How are you ever going to get anything done, or reach any goal if you keep wasting time? You’re not. So you might as well give up now if you’re going to keep this path.

10. Social B.S.
You spend way too much time in social media land. You waste probably about 50% of your productive hours of the day doing this. The sad part is, you know it, but you can’t stop. So you can’t get anything done that matters.

11. Think Small
You think way too small. You are constantly looking only a day or a week ahead instead of your ahead. Because of this, you never get anywhere, and you never lead; you always follow.

12. Don’t Want It
You don’t really want to be successful. Sure, you like to dream about it like everyone else. But in your heart you are afraid of what might happen if you really get it. That’s B.S. fear your brain is feeding you. Success is change, and it feels really, really good. Tell your brain to shut the [foolishness] up.

13. Don’t Believe
You never believed that it’s possible. Society taught you that only a few “exceptional” people get what they want. Everyone else should just settle. If you really want to believe that, go ahead. The rest of us will be at the front of the line because we believe.

By Jim F. Kukral

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Matthew Gates is a freelance web designer and currently runs Confessions of the Professions.

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  1. Josie says:

    I am #6 and #12

  2. I am perfect, hehe ;)

  3. Tony Hewitt says:

    I reckon there could be one more on that list.

    #14 - Not being honest with oneself and disregarding #1 -#13 instead of recognising them for the truth they really are and accepting them and taking action.

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  • Success can be defined in many different ways and is dependent on the person who defines their own success.
  • Many people who are not successful are afraid to fail, afraid to try something new, or are simply not motivated to go the extra mile, preferring to just show up to work and not care as much as they could care.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own success and failures.
  • If you choose to work hard and earn a living for yourself and aim for successful, you will find your rewards are very delightful.