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The way you handle your daily schedule is the first thing to look for when searching for a reliable business partner. The successful businessman is a lone and solitary creature; forced into isolation by the laws and bylaws of business. There are certain things that every man of money and power should do, and accepting those things and learning how to deal with them is the first step towards success. Aren’t all businessmen intrinsically born with these traits? Of course not! There is not such think as the ‘businessman gene” or the “janitor genome”, it is all about what we do with ourselves after we escape the confinement of our mother’s womb. Actually, that is what separates you from the people working for you; you just learned the game while they are still making out the rules. But in order to build an empire, you must first become an emperor; and there are certain things that every self-respecting emperor should do in order to keep everything under his control.

Your Day Begins At Dawn
The fact that you are a major figure in the world of business doesn’t mean that you can sleep ’til noon. In fact, for you the day should begin at the crack of dawn, and not one minute later. Many young and inexperienced businessmen go around thinking to themselves “I am the boss/vice president/head accountant, why should I go to work on time”? Well, in some aspects you are right. No one is going to fire you for coming in late, and probably you wont miss that much work either. But the fact that you are a figurehead and an example to your staff, should mean that you must get to work before everyone else and leave after everyone else. The true businessman has no time to be sleeping.


Your Work Is Your Life, and Your life is your work.

I am not saying that spending your entire life sitting in a chair is somehow admirable, or the ‘right’ thing to do. Personally, I would never consider working hard; not for all the money in the world. But if you are man who wants to make it big, then hard work is what you must do. Don’t outsource your work to another person, that is just irresponsible! Instead, try to do as much work as you can, as fast as you can. You have to go over this quarter’s reports? Don’t wait until half-an-hour before the board meeting to do that. And more importantly; the better secretary you get, the more work you are going to do. Don’t pick your staff just because they are attractive; pick your staff based on references, evaluation reports and rock-solid university degrees.

Optimize Productivity

A habit or a routine is the brain’s ability to maximize productivity. If you had to think about the movement of brushing teeth every-time you brush your teeth, you would be in the bathroom all day, figuring out how to get the cap back on the tube. And because we cannot be bothered with such nonsense, the brain conveniently makes it into routine; taking some processing power away from the CPU. Now, before you make something into routine, think carefully whether or not that thing is good or not. Is yelling at employees a good habit? Is leaving early to catch a movie a good habit? Is using company money for personal expenses a good habit? Of course not! Write down everything you do, and then start adding/removing things to better suit your new, and improved lifestyle.

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