5 Tips For Success At The Farmer’s Market

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If you are a produce, crafts, or home grown food vendor, there has seldom been a better time to get involved in selling at farmer’s markets.

More and more people are embracing farmer’s markets as a wonderful way to get involved in their communities and receive a personable shopping experience where they’re able to support local growers and receive higher quality products. Here are five tips to help make your farmer’s market venture successful.

1. Have Samples Pre-Cut In the Morning.

Everyone loves a free sample. If possible, have your samples ready to go so that they can be set out to attract customers, and you can spend your time answering questions and conversing with people who stop by your booth. Make sure that if necessary, you have a wastebasket and napkins nearby.

2. Keep a Tidy and Interesting Looking Booth.

Use a collapsible shade tent to keep you and your goods cool and free from insects. Choose a brightly colored canopy to help draw attention to your booth. Take time to make any signage look neat and interesting. You can even hang simple decorations like wind chimes to give your booth a nice homey feel.

3. Be Prepared to Quickly Assemble and Disassemble Your Booth.

Cut down on time before the early morning markets and at the end of a long day by staying organized and using materials that are quick and easy to set up. Use labeled tupperware containers to keep various goods separate, and have a specific container for everything that you use every time you set up. Again, make sure your canopy is collapsible so that it can become small and easy to transport at the end of the day.


4. Get Plenty of Rest the Night Before.

Most farmer’s markets start bright and early, and you will have to be there even earlier to set up, so make sure that you are well rested so that you can deliver a friendly attitude to your customers. Remember, most people shop at farmer’s markets because of the superior customer service they expect to receive there!

5. Have Creative Ideas For How To Use Your Product.

If you are selling an unusual vegetable or preserve, offer interesting ideas on how to use it. Perhaps there is an unconventional way to pair it with a cracker or cheese, or a recipe they would not have considered otherwise. Getting your customer’s creative juices flowing is a great way to get them excited about trying your product!

Congratulations! Farmer’s markets are a wonderful community of vendors and shoppers who generally love their neighborhoods and care deeply about the friends and families they intend to cook for. You can expect to meet a large variety of interesting people, and learn about products and ideas that you had never heard about before.

As shopping at a farmer’s market becomes a simple joy that more and more people are turned onto, more and more communities are helping organize them, meaning plenty of opportunities to make money selling what you are passionate about!

Kellie Swaim is a farmers market expert from her time working with Quik Shade makers of portable and instant canopies and canopy replacement parts, learn more at www.quikshade.com. Keep up with Kellie Swaim by connecting on Facebook.