24 Life Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel [Infographic]

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Travel Free of Stress for Business

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If you are logging a lot of miles on the road, in the air or across the tracks you will know how stressful business travel can be. According to a survey by CWT Group, there are 33 triggers that cause stress for business travellers every day, which can be grouped as (i) lost time; (ii) surprises; and (iii) routine breakers.

The notion of lost working time is one we can all relate to. For busy, productive people, the inability to complete tasks while travelling can be extremely frustrating. Being able to use fully-charged devices with solid internet connection in a comfortable environment doesn’t seem too much to ask, but it’s rare that we can achieve all three of these when constantly travelling between meetings, clients, and even countries.

The good news is there are some really simple ways to cut down the stress and fluster of business travel, achieve a high level of productivity whilst in transit, and ensure you arrive at your destination cool, calm and collected.

This guide to stress-free business travel offers tricks and tips to bypass long haul misery, apps that make planning your journey on the hop a breeze, and practical tips to keep you en-route, online and on task.

24 Life Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel [Infographic]

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24 Life Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel

Are you racking up miles of stress in the air, by rail, and on the road? Upgrade your business travel experience, and save your time and sanity, with these smart tips.

The modern-day business traveller

268 The average number of miles covered on each business trip

945 The average number of miles if primary mode of transport is by air

33 The number of triggers that cause stress for business travellers, according to CWT Solutions Grouop


  • LOST OR DELAYED BAGGAGE: Before travelling, take pictures of your baggage and clothes. If they get lost, this will help identify them and speed up the reimbursement process from your travel insurance.
  • DELAYS: Join an airport lounge programme like Priority’s Pass to escape the crowds – relax, shower, and have a meal while you wait.
  • TRAVELLING ECONOMY FOR MEDIUME OR LONG-HAUL FLIGHTS: If you’re travelling in economy, ask at the check-in if discounted upgrades are available.
  • POOR OR NO INTERNET CONNECTION: Many airports offer free Wi-Fi, but stay safe by only using networks that require secure log-in.

8 Tips for Frequent Flyers


  • Keep all your travel information from flight details to hotel bookings and care hire – in one place with TripIt. This handy app keeps them organized and accessible.
  • Check seating plants using the SeatGuru app and pre-book seats based on other travellers’ recommendations.


  • Many airports operate an express lane or trusted traveller programme that allows quicker security screening – pre-book or apply on your airport’s website.
  • Travel light – it’s always better to take luggage that will fit in overhead compartments so you can avoid checking in bags.


  • For long-haul flights, ensure you eat, brush your teeth, and change into comfortable clothes before boarding so you can go straight to sleep.
  • Learn some essential phrases for your destination with the iStone Travel Translation app to enrich the travelling experience.


  • Pre-book transportation from your destination airport – i.e. train, rental car, taxi, etc. – and save having to pay full rates on arrival.
  • Know where to dine with the Cityseeker app by Wcities, which includes a GPS feature. It can even book you a taxi straight to the door.

8 Tips for Train Passengers


  • Use train operator apps to provide notifications of any delays or cancellations. Some can also give you a wake-up call to ensure you don’t miss your stop.
  • Check Wi-Fi availability with the train operator you’re travelling with, and how much it costs.


  • Purchase a travel pillow and a sleep-mask for a more comfortable journey.
  • Buy your food before you board for more variety and healthier options than the train trolley.


  • Head straight to first class and upgrade your journey for a small fee where available.
  • Plan a strategy for connecting trains through official train operator apps that provide live departure times and tell you which platforms to go.


  • The HopStop app tells you the closest subway, taxi and bus stops, and includes directions, travel times, and fares.
  • Cut journey times on local rail services with apps such as Exit Strategy NYC for New York City and Tube Exits for London, which show the best carriages to be in for transfers and exits.

8 Tips for Drivers


  • Pre-plan your fastest route with navigation apps and route planners, providing you with traffic alerts along the way.
  • Check parking restrictions for your location – apps such as Parking Panda (US) and JustPark (UK) allow you to pre-book parking, saving up to 70%, even in residential areas.


  • Use a hands-free kit to ensure that you can stay connected – but do not get distracted.
  • Make sure your devices are all fully charged when you reach your destination with a dual-USB car adapter.


  • Can’t remember where you parked your car? Find My Car is a useful app that guides you back to the exact location.
  • Take regular breaks to stay alert – aim for 15 minutes rest for every 2 hours on the road.


  • Handy app Parking Meter Pro lets you know when you need to top-up your parking so you can avoid any late fees or tickets.
  • Get to grips with the local area instantly with the AroundMe app – useful for finding where the nearest coffee shop or cash machine is.

However you travel, follow these tips and you’ll arrive at those all-important meetings fresh and ready for business.

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