The Story of a Content Freelance Writer

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It often happens in life that you think of doing something but end up doing completely the opposite. While a lot of people may regret it, I don’t. I had always wanted to become an engineer and my parents knew right from the time I was a little girl. I would often unscrew my toys to have a look inside its mechanism or help dad mend little things around the house. As I grew up I was more than determined to study engineering and so I did. I spent the most difficult four years of my life going to one of the best engineering universities of Pakistan and ended up becoming an Electronics Engineer. I did what I wanted to and it was like a dream come true. A happy ending! Well, not quite. I just didn’t want to study engineering, I wanted to build my career in it but I couldn’t.

To the community I belong, girls usually get married between the ages of 18 and 20. I was already 21 during the third year of engineering so I seriously had to consider getting married soon. Among all proposals I had received then, there was one guy who himself was an engineer and wanted his wife to be one as well. The only trouble was he lived in England, thousands of miles away from my homeland. Apart from that, there was nothing I disliked about him or his family. We accepted each other as life partners after just one 30-minutes of meeting together and we got engaged the very next day. Six months later, we got married and another six months later I flew to the United King with a degree in Electronics engineering to start a whole new journey of life with my husband.

When I got to the UK in 2009, recession was at its very peak and people were being fired rather than hired so there was hardly a chance for a fresh engineering graduate like myself to find a job in my field. The best thing I thought I could do then was to start freelance work. Despite not being a native English speaker, I knew I was good at English. I had won quite a few essay writing and debate competitions during my academic career and was the editor of my school magazine too. I wrote short articles related to engineering and common household problems and posted them on Triond.

Then I became a part of but wasn’t too happy getting paid for doing homework and preparing assignments, presentations and reports for lazy students. Therefore I soon quit it and with a bit of research found a more versatile platform for freelancers like myself called Elance. Luckily, I found my first job within the very first week of joining Elance and received really good feedback for it. Soon after there were more jobs and my work was well appreciated by my clients. I knew then that I wanted to continue doing it. I was loving every bit of it.

The best part of it was the flexibility to work from home during the hours I wanted. I didn’t have to invest any money and all I needed was a laptop, some imagination, and some magic to use the power of words to attract my readers.

It’s been nearly a year now since I have been working as a freelance writer. I have to admit I am absolutely loving it. I am a mom to a little boy now but I’m not a full-time mom or housewife. Working as a freelance writer, I am doing something I enjoy doing and find time for both my work and family with an amazing balance. People might think I wasted my four years and my degree, but what I have studied will stay with me forever. Today, I’m not earning what I could have earned working as an engineer but I think there can be nothing better than giving more valuable time to your family. I couldn’t have done that with a full time job for sure. Looking back, I don’t have any regrets. I love my work and I love my family.