Steroid Girls – Myths And Facts

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Women and Steroids

It is widely known that bodybuilding is no longer a manly sport only. There are many women bodybuilders out there and most of them are even more serious about it than men. Even in this situation, there are a lot of misconceptions about this sport that stop many women from trying it.

Here are the most common myths about female bodybuilding and how much truth lies in each of them.


Myth – Bodybuilding makes you less feminine

If you look at all the women that appear in world-famous bodybuilding contests like Ms Olympia, you will get the impression that they look a lot like men. The truth behind the story is that that’s their option and since they join these competitions, they really have to push to the maximum. Bodybuilding can still be practiced at an intermediate level, giving you the harmonious and strong body while still keeping your feminine features.

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Bodybuilding and steroids

Indeed, many bodybuilders that feel like they have to use steroids and all sorts of substances to be able to grow muscles like a man. However, that is a very small percent out of all females that practice bodybuilding.


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It is a very bad idea for women to go for steroids because it can cause you all sorts of medical issues that are unpleasant like:

  • Menstrual abnormalities
  • Infertility
  • Masculine effects
  • Emotional effects


Bodybuilding and age

Keep in mind that you should only start thinking about bodybuilding over the age of 20 since bodybuilding might affect the production of growth hormones. Once you reach full growth, you can focus on building the body you always wanted.


Myth – Bodybuilding makes you stiff and reduces agility

If you make sure to perform exercises with a full range of motion, your agility will actually increase. Stiffness will only occur if you only workout a certain part of the body and this is a very common misconception when it comes to bodybuilding. With proper guidance and a training plan, you will never have the flexibility or agility problems.

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Nutrition goes hand in hand with bodybuilding and fitness

No matter how hard you train, you will never have the desired results without a proper nutrition. Moreover, it is actually very simple to stay away from unhealthy foods that will only keep you from reaching the desired aspect. Here are some facts you should really take into consideration:

  • Adjust calories on days when you are not training
  • Listen to your body – a diet will not always be synchronized with what your body needs
  • Don’t deny yourself everything that’s “bad”
  • Make sure you get enough protein
  • Don’t stay away from fat
  • Slowly decrease calories
  • Always stay hydrated

In the end, we can conclude that bodybuilding is just as fit for women as it is for men as long as it is done right and without any dangerous substances like steroids. You should always sync your training routine with the best diet for your body type and keep in mind that there’s no such thing as instant results. You have to keep working and persevere for what you want.




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