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Engineering has always been a preferred career option among young technical minds. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields of engineering disciplines. The following article discusses everything you should know about this field before seeking a career in it.

If working on mechanical devices, machines engines and tools sounds like your dream job, then a career in mechanical engineering is the one for you.

Mechanical Engineering- An Overview

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that involves a whole range of scientific principles for manufacturing, maintenance, design and analysis of mechanical systems. The candidate aspiring to seek a career in the field should possess strong understanding of key areas such as thermodynamics, mechanics, energy and kinematics. These principles are used in mechanical engineer jobs in the analysis and design of machinery, medical devices, automobiles, and aircrafts.Mechanical Engineers


Career Opportunities

Engineers holding a degree in mechanical engineering find ample lucrative job opportunities. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 243,200 job openings for mechanical engineers, which will increase by around 9 per cent by the year 2020. Those who keep breast with the changing technology find best job opportunities in designing and developing solar, electric and hybrid vehicles and energy production systems.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineers find great demand in architecture and other engineering related services. These professionals are also involved in various other manufacturing industries such as machinery and transportation equipment manufacturing. As a matter of fact, these engineers can find employment in any field of work where innovation is required, be it research, teaching, consulting, government, military, industry, and management sector. Some of the government agencies that mostly hire these engineers include Army Corps of Engineers, International Trade Commission, the U.S. Navy, Department of Energy and Patent and Trademark Office.


Some of the popular mechanical engineering job titles and their functions include:

Consulting: Those holding experience in the field can choose to work as an independent contractor or consultants. Working on their choice of projects and offering consulting services to different small and large engineering firms is a lucrative option.

Nuclear Engineering: These engineers are in great demand in designing of nuclear plants, where he is involved in designing, evaluating and operating the nuclear plants.

Biomedical Engineering: These professionals are required in medical fields also where they design and check the efficiency of artificial organs.
Job Responsibilities
The job responsibilities of a mechanical engineer may vary as per the exact job role. However, some common areas of work that these professionals perform include:

  • Develop and test a prototype
  • Analyze how mechanical devices can solve the technical problems
  • Analyze designs and test results for mechanical devices
  • Create blueprints and oversee the manufacturing processes for mechanical devices

The candidates with traits such as analytical skills and problem solving skills are well suited for such job roles. Other things that make a skilled mechanical engineer include an expertise in subject areas like science, design, reading comprehension, physics, problem solving and mathematics.

Mechanical engineer jobs are one of the most in-demand career options. The attractive median annual pay check of $79,500 makes is a preferred option among the aspiring engineers. However, salary range is always an estimate and mainly depends on major factors like economic condition.

As machines are expected to replace more human labor in several industries, the engineers in the mechanical field will continue to see more demand in the future to design and manufacture advance and next generation vehicle systems.

So, join the field to be a part of a progressive career option in mechanical engineering and enjoy the rising trends!

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