How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents

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Ever wonder what are some of the more common workplace accidents? Perhaps you have fallen victim to one of them? Take some time to consider these 6 workplace accidents—and how best to avoid them. You can thank us later!

Repetitive Motion

How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents: Hands on Keyboard

This is a less obvious injury, but it is prevalent all-the-same. Repetitive motion injuries include problems associated with tasks done frequently, such as computer use and typing. This can be anything from carpal tunnel syndrome to vision problems. Avoid these types of repetitive motion injuries by investing in ergonomic equipment and furniture (meaning it is designed with the human body in mind) and taking breaks from mundane tasks to lessen eye strain or muscle tension (remember the 20-20-20 rule: look away from your computer screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds at a fixed point that is 20 feet away).

Machinery and Equipment

How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents: Construction Worker Construction Site

Should your job require the use or operation of heavy machinery, take all necessary precautions to avoid injury. These include wearing appropriate clothing, using protective equipment (goggles, gloves, etc.), adhering to safety guidelines (as put forth by your supervisors), and paying attention to detail. In doing so, mistakes are minimized and injuries are lessened.

Vehicle Accident

How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents: Handing Over Keys

Many jobs require the use of a vehicle at some point or another. This could be anything from the occasional supply run to picking up lunch for the team. Perhaps your job requires driving a lot (like truck drivers or delivery vehicles). Whatever the case may be, make sure you adhere to proper vehicle safety when in use. Obey the speed limit, drive defensively, put the phone away (no texting!), and always buckle up.

Walking Into Objects

Hidden Camera Aerial Office View

Similar to the repetitive motion accident, this one is also a little less obvious—though equally as consequential. Walking into walls, doors, or chairs can result in head, foot, or other areas of the body being harmed. The most obvious way to avoid these potential hazards is to pay keen attention to your surroundings. Take efforts to make your office a little more foolproof and friendly. Encourage your employer to ensure that the workplace is hazard free (perhaps bean bag chairs?).

Slip and Fall

How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents: Caution Wet Floor Sign


This is actually the number 2 cause of all workplace injuries and occurs when people fall on account of slippery floors or tripping over items on the ground. Similar to the remedy for walking into objects, the easiest way to prevent trips and slips is to pay attention to where you are walking. Furthermore, employers should be prompt to have maintenance address any hazards that may arise (beverage spills in the break room, leaking sinks in the restroom, tools and equipment lying around from construction workers, etc.).


How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents: Carrying Heavy Box

This is the number 1 cause of all workplace injuries, and it is also the most expensive. These include, but are not limited to, any injuries related to lifting, holding, or carrying items. The best way to avoid an accident involving overexertion is to engage in proper training involved with the task in question. Furthermore, always be persistent in taking necessary efforts to properly use equipment and carry out tasks (it is most often the improper use that results in overexertion-related injuries).

Let’s face it—accidents happen. But that does not mean you should haphazardly go about your workday blind to some of these more common workplace accidents. Take some time to consider your own work environment and some of the hazards that could potentially arise. Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Should a workplace accident occur, know that there are many resources available to right the situation. Workplace benefit costs and even legal aid can be explored. For example, if you were in need of a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, there are literally dozens of firms from which to choose. Hopefully, this is a last resort, and ideally you are able to successfully steer clear of these common workplace accidents altogether!

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