Are Social Networks Really Needed For My Business? [Infographic]

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The truth is that despite social networks infinite possibilities in terms of marketing, certain social media sites are really not worth investing time and effort in as they just won’t produce results, but just because one or two might not work for your business doesn’t mean you should rule them all out.

If your business deals in industry style printers worth millions, for example, then you’re unlikely to find a potential buyer who is browsing through Facebook or Twitter, but if your business is all about building contacts to create sales then maybe LinkedIn is the right network for you. The ‘business’ social network is a fantastic platform to build connections with others in your industry and it is also a great way of attracting and searching for potential new employees.

Only launched 10 years ago LinkedIn and ending the year with 81,000 members, it has now over 200 million members from around the world! Not content with having an already huge user base, two new people sign up to LinkedIn every second and so with this massive and growing user base, the potential is there to link up with clients and build better relationships to improve your business massively.

Are Social Networks Really Needed For My Business? [Infographic]

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2013 Social Media Facts

Facebook – YouTube – Twitter – LinkedIn – Google Plus

Everything Social

Average Age Distribution across Social Networks (US Study)

15% 0 to 17
9% 18 to 24
18% 25 to 34
19% 45 to 54
10% 55 to 64
3% 65+

189 Million Facebook Users are mobile only users

Every second 2 new members join LinkedIN. This platform is great for building business connections.

LinkedIN launched in 2003 ending the year with 81,000 members, and now has over 200 million members!

Facebook: 1.15 billion users
Country with Most Facebook Users: United States
Country with Second Most Facebook Users: Brazil
Country with Third Most Facebook Users: India
Country in at 6th place for most Facebook Users: United Kindgom

There are 87 million users on Flickr and 137 million on Instagram. Photo networks are growing extremely fast!

Turkey is the fastest growing country on Linkedin


54% of all marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook in 2013.


#1: Facebook
#2: YouTube
#3: Twitter


50% of Facebook users log into Facebook in any given day.

You have just 10 seconds to grab attention with a video.

Google+ is the fastest growing network ever!

The Google+ button is used 5 million times a day.

293,000 statuses updates on Facebook every 60 seconds.

23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more a day.

36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013.
Women are more likely to check out a brands social page than men.

1 million websites have integrated with Facebook!


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