A Social Media Guide To Your Wedding [Infographic]

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Weddings With Social Media

Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Social media has overwhelmed the wedding scene. Wedding organizers are currently contacting potential customers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, while ladies are making wedding day lists of things to get of thoughts and sharing them with other brides to-be. This expanded utilization of online networking for wedding thought sharing has certainly increased current standards for exceptionally customized celebration.

Your visitors can share the points of interest of your enormous day with their social adherents immediately without your assent and the broadcasting of an unflattering photograph or detail you would have rather kept private can some of the time is disturbing. Consequently we’ve assembled an arrangement of wedding social media guidelines for you to consider. Choose the amount of a move social media will play in your celebration previously and share these rules with your visitors before the enormous day.

On the off chance that you might want your visitors to partake in the celebration, instead of invest energy adding channels to photographs or tweeting, add your desires to your wedding site, make a note in your program or have somebody thankfully report before the celebration that visitors ought to put their cell phones away in the middle of the function. You can use online designer software like Canva to resize and store your images that you can tweet to all guests as a thank you. Using social media correctly at your wedding will allow your friends and family to share those special moments to cherish for lifetime.

A Social Media Guide To Your Wedding [Infographic]

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A Social Media Guide To Your Wedding

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  • 28% of brides-to-be, update their social media statuses within hours of accepting a proposal.
  • 24% do so the next day.

Using Social Media In Your Wedding

Before the Wedding



Snail Mail is traditional and adds a lovely touch, but it’s often impractical nowadays. People are likely to forget what they had for breakfast, never mind whether they posted an RSVP last week. So, allow them the choice of RSVPing to your social media accounts for ease and convenience.

Facebook Tip

Create a closed event, where you can invite your guests and only they will see the invite. They can click on Going, Not Going, or Maybe.

Dress Favours

Most big brands are on social media and following them can lead to early notice of sales or special offers. You might just find the dress of your dreams or those ideal favours through their updates. And maybe a bit cheaper too! That means more money in the bank for your honeymoon.

Accessories Shopping

Twitter Tip

Make a Twitter list for all the wedding-related people, services, and brands you are following. It will make it easier to keep track of any news on the subject, so you don’t miss out on offers or announcements.



  • Let your guests now how you feel about the use of social media. If you want to keep things private, you can ask that no one shares anything online. If you’re snap happy then why not encourage people to take photos
  • Create a hashtag. It’s a great way to keep track of any photos of your day. Just make sure you choose one that’s unique and easy for guests to remember. #StacyAndMarksWedding #FionasBigDay2017
  • Encourage involvement by creating your own hashtag sign, like this one, from a free template on ewedding.com
  • If there are any last-minute changes, use social media to let people know


  • Rid your professional photographer. A nice Instagram feed does not mean your mate with the latest iPhone knows how to shoot a wedding.
  • Rely on social media alone for contact with guests. Some may not be tech savvy.
  • Be on your phone all day. You should be phone free! That’s why you have a photographer and your guests will do the rest.
  • Spoil any surprises. Your bridesmaid posting a photo of you in your wedding dress before you’ve walked down the aisle, for example.
  • If you’re a guest at a wedding, don’t keep asking the happy couple to post for you. That’s what their professional photographer is there for.


Collect your memories

Find a tool to collate, save, upload, store and order prints of your images. Wedpics, Flickr, Google photos, Photobucket, and iCloud are all possibilities.


Snapchat posts are temporary and if you don’t save them immediately, they may be lost forever. So, before the wedding, ask everyone who uses Snapchat to post photos to their “story” and to save their story (a collection of their videos and photos from that day) to a “memories” roll on their phone. They can then send you their shots after the wedding.


Those closest to you and those who have given you wedding gifts may get a personal note or card to say thank you, but everyone who was there has been a part of your big day. So, send out a thank you to all those who attended, took photos, and used a hashtag.

Twitter Tip

Use an online designer software like Canva to create a correctly sized image you can tweet to all your guests like this one.


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