Effects of Sleep Deprivation [Infographic]

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A good night’s rest is imperative to a healthy mind and body. Poor sleep can contribute to a weakened immune system, poor concentration, depression, and more. With the obvious importance of sleep, you would think more people would be determined to ensure their bodies were well rested.

This is clearly not the case with sleeping disorders affecting over 40 million people in the United States every year, society is plagued by sleep deprivation. Luckily, many of these problems are preventable. By practicing a regular sleep schedule, maintaining a healthy diet, getting daily exercise, and sleeping on a comfortable mattress, you are guaranteed to sleep and therefore feel much, much better.

This infographic breaks down sleep with startling statistics and easy solutions you can employ to get a better night’s sleep. We take an in depth look at the side effects of a lack of sleep and how to make sure your mattress is comfortable as well.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation [Infographic]

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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Adults need an average of 8 hours a sleep a night

# of people in the United States with sleep disorder: 40 million

Common side effects of sleep deprivation

  • Depression
  • Weak Immune System
  • Lack of Focus
  • Weight Gain


  1. Keep a regular sleep schedule
  2. Eat right and get regular exercise
  3. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  4. Make sure your bed is comfortable
    You should have enough room to stretch out and turn comfortably. If you often wake up with a sore back or aching neck, you may need to invest in a new mattress or try out a different pillow. Experiment with different levels of mattress firmness, foam, or egg crate toppers, and pillows that provide more or less support.


  • Best for stomach sleepers
  • Keeps body supported so joints are less stressed
  • Gives sleepers a floating feeling

Cushion Firm

  • Happy Medium
  • Perfect for couples with different comfort needs
  • Best option for back sleepers but works well for any position
  • Relieves lower back pain


  • Great for side sleepers
  • Accommodates contours of body
  • Relieves pressure on shoulders and hips

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