Ultimate Guide To A Skype Interview [Infographic]

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Everybody today uses Skype to connect with people million miles away. Skype allows people to connect with other people in a simple stream of an internet connection and in a few clicks. Imagine how amazing this world is right now that we can now connect with people we love through a simple mini screen. Imagine the innovation humanity has afforded us. And imagine the opportunities found in the job industry and interview systems today with the help of the technology afforded to us by Skype. You can now go for interviews with the help of Skype and that is something that you should take a minute to be thankful for.

This infographic is a simple tribute to the power of skype and the opportunity it gives to anyone in the world that wants to be interviewed for a dream job. What is here is a compendium of tips and tricks that you should consider when trying to look good and presentable in an overseas Skype interview. Get ahead in your game now with this infographic.

Ultimate Guide To A Skype Interview [Infographic]

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The Ultimate Guide to a Skype Interview

We all know what to expect when it comes to a face-to-face job interview, but for many people, Skype interviews are unchartered territory.

Here are some tips for dealing with interviews, both for the interviee and the interviewer.


Leading up to the Interview

Practice by yourself

It’s all about learning to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Use a recording program to see how your mannerisms and speech look on screen. That way, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Practice with someone else

Do a practice run in front of someone you trust: a friend, a colleague, or family member, and insist on honest feedback.

Check for professionalism

Make sure your Skype username and profile picture are appropriate for interview.

Make contacts

Make sure you add your interviewer to your Skype contact list.

Just before the Interview

Check your tech

Make sure you have an adequate broadband connection and that your webcam works.

Make sure all other programs on your computer are closed — you want to avoid having unwanted notifications pop up.

Be timely

While you do not need to worry as much about making sure you are logged-in in plenty of time, you should still make sure you have everything set up in good time. That way, you will save yourself from any last minute glitches.

Keep up appearances

Ensure you are in a quiet place and not likely to be distracted by any noise. Also, make sure the room behind you looks tidy.

Be sure not to sit directly in front of a window – or you will appear as a silhoutte to the interviewer!

Think about what you are wearing: while it may be tempting to dress casually as you are in a familiar setting, you should dress as you would if you were meeting your interviewer in person.

And whatever you do, do not keep your pajama bottoms on thinking the interviewer won’t see this. All it takes is for you to stand up or reach for something and your secret will be out!

After the Interview

Say Thanks

Remember to send a thank you letter or email, just as you would after a face-to-face interview.


Just before the Interview

Check your tech

Make sure you have a high-speed and reliable broadband connection set up. It is a good idea to set up a dedicated Skype account for job interviews – it will cut back on last minute rushes and look more professional.

Check your surroundings

Make sure you choose a suitable backdrop and make sure it is as professional as possible. It might even be worth selecting a backdrop that is reflective of your company’s ethos, such as a logo or an image.

Dress like a boss

Make sure you dress professionally and in a way that reflects your company culture. Do not be tempted to go too casual because you are not meeting the candidate face-to-face.

During the Interview

Make eye contact

Make ‘eye contacdt’ with the candidate by looking as much as possible at the camera rather than the screen. Treat it as far as possible as if it is a standard interview, and make sure to cover the same ground that you normally would.

Be personable

It can be harder for your personality to come across when you are not meeting in person, so make more of an effort to smile and connect with the candidate.

Give time for answers

Look out for time lags. Make sure you give candidates plenty of time to answer questions, and make sure you speak as clearly as possible throughout the interview.

Armed with these tips, you should be ready to ace your next online interview … for now, anyway.

Who knows what other interview methods the future holds?

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