A Six Step Guide to Battling Those ‘Back-to-Work Office Blues’

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Back To The Office

Going Back to Work

Did you arrive back at work this year feeling as if you had some unfinished Christmas business to attend to? Well you’re not alone. While many approach the New Year with their resolutions in tow, battling those back-to-work blues can seem more challenging than simply scoffing the last few segments of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. But help is on the horizon. The team at Rushton Hall Hotel, Northamptonshire have produced a six step guide to fighting those back-to-work office blues leaving you and your team motivated and bustling for a successful year.


STEP 1: Plan This Year’s Christmas Party

One key event for colleagues in the corporate calendar will be the good old Christmas do. By planning this project earlier rather than later, not only does it give everyone something to look forward to, but you’ll find you can often get more for your money.

STEP 2: Plan an Away/Team Building Day

From mid-November until early March time you’ll find yourself driving to work in the dark, sitting at your desk all day, then driving home from work in the dark. One major contributor to the back-to-work office blues is due to a lack of vitamin D. The cure for this is to plan an away day or a team building day. This will not only get you away from your desk but help you to reconnect with your colleagues after the extended festive break.

STEP 3: Combat a Poor Office Habit

Have you got a naughty, ingrained office habit? Those three cups of coffee before 11am? That bar of chocolate at 4pm? Why not try and give one up and replace it with something that will benefit your day in the office. Replace naughty nibbles with almonds or perhaps caffeine with fresh fruit juice.

STEP 4: Take Your Team for Lunch

Sometimes a change of scenery can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Book a lunch trip to a local restaurant or sandwich bar with your team or department. Not only will this get you out of the office but it will also give everyone great time to have a catch up with your colleagues without the phone ringing every two minutes.

STEP 5: Plan a Weekly Office Exercise Class

Spending seven to eight hours a day in a chair in front of a desk and computer can mean that you feel sluggish and sleepy. Why not get a group of you together and book a personal trainer to come and get everyone moving. Exercise can help increase the brain’s mental activity and increase serotonin, the happy hormone.

STEP 6: Challenge Yourself

Having something to aim towards can help beat those back to work blues and keep you motivated while you’re at work. Challenges could be perhaps starting a blog, spending more time with the family or even running a marathon for charity.

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