Significance of Microsoft Certification

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Microsoft Certification: Helping You Reach the Zenith of Success

A Microsoft certified individual has an edge over other IT professionals when it comes to job opportunity. The following post takes a quick look at the significance of Microsoft Certification Course.

Microsoft Certification programs have been typically launched by the software giant Microsoft. This program was launched, keeping in mind to help the growing number of IT professionals. The program actually fosters IT professionals in honing their IT Skills along with other Microsoft Office Skills. This course is easily recognized and widely accepted across the world by all hiring managers; it goes without saying that Microsoft Certification is acknowledged everywhere within the industry. Certifications in Microsoft help increasing an individual’s career growth and also other prospects in the especially pertaining to the world of software and information technology.

The certification course was launched fifteen years ago; since then millions of professionals have benefitted from this Microsoft Certification; the demand continues to grow with thousands registering for the certification almost every day; and Microsoft continues to expand its operations across trans-national boundaries.

However, with the ever-changing market scenario the certification program has been adapting to the realities that cut across the markets with each passing day. Some of the deviations include changes in applications; requirements in software and of course Microsoft administrations.

Once armed with the power of Microsoft Certifications, employers will be able to identify the certifications that will best answer all their business queries and at the same time put them above all or give them an edge over many other e IT professionals. The certifications actually emphasize a lot on the primary technological skills set and also job roles for each individual. Such strong aspects easily help managers in recognizing potential contenders, and then go about appointing them in the most suitable position.

The module that comprises Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program offers the best in terms of the IT methods in order to prove a candidate’s command over the latest technologies developed by Microsoft. Every certification reflects a particular group of set skills that would find practical application is the world in Information Technology.

Several researches have proved that both the employer and the employee benefit from Microsoft Certification courses. For example, organizations that had more employees trained in Microsoft Certification, recorded shorter server downtimes. On the contrary they experienced greater support that worked towards more productivity; this kind of an activity actually helped in paying more, both in terms of direct or indirect costs that are associated with the certification.

Microsoft offers courses for all skill levels; however, certain modules may require some hands-on experience and more grounded knowledge. As an aspirant, you can choose from ample courses and zero in on the area where you want to specialize that will eventually complement your educational qualifications. For instance, if you are planning to work for the administration, the best suited certifications for that would be Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). Some of the courses that you can choose from are:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  • Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA)

Every software package is fixed for a particular expertise. For example, if you want to follow MCTS, you will exactly cover precise spaces like

  • Windows Client SQL
  • Server Project and Project Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint

Acquiring a Microsoft Certification

So, how do you go about acquiring this highly-demanding certification? Selection of an appropriate certification track; however, you have to make a careful choice, depending upon your career goals. Say, you are looking for an entry-level position; the best suited option for you would be an MTA certificate. There are numerous certification institutes in India that can help you choose the correct module. Once you have fixed the appropriate certification track, you can choose the prerequisites and take the plunge about pursuing full-fledged IT training programs.

After this, what you can do is pick the training module so that you gauge the important knowledge that is required to succeed in the examinations. Only trained professionals who are extremely well-versed are hired to impart knowledge and train future professionals.

The duration and the life span of most of these certifications depend how long Microsoft will support a particular technology. Once the certificate wanes away you can always rectify so that you keep yourself updated according to the latest developments.

Advantages of Microsoft Certifications

There are several advantages of the Microsoft Certifications; it can actually help both—employer and employee. Some of them include:


Immediate industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency about advanced technologies related to Microsoft and its products.

Employees are allowed access to all kinds of technical information and also information about other Microsoft products


On the other hand, an organization can benefit in the below mentioned ways:

Increased customer satisfaction clubbed with a reduced support costs through processes such as enriched services; technical self-sufficiency; Employers can always take help from Microsoft Certified professionals when it comes to quality assurance and outsourcing of computer services.

To wind up, an endorsement such as Microsoft Certification is worth the efforts as it makes things much easier for a professional.

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