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There is nothing more distracting than sexy beautiful women. Sexy beautiful women with boobs. Sexy beautiful women with a gorgeous ass. This is not to say that you are completely distracting us from our work, and even if you are, thank you! You might say that this is the most offensive confession ever. It probably is but that’s not my intentions. Continue reading. Maybe you’ll understand why it’s not so offensive.

Sexy Business Woman

I’m sure women know we men are staring at their boobs and purposely dress up to attract attention, get ahead in the company, like to feel sexy and confident, and just appear attractive overall. There are also plenty of women who have chosen not to go the route of appearing sexy, leaving everything to the imagination, and do not want that kind of attention. To the women who choose to show cleavage at work and do it so naturally and comfortably, we salute you! From the way your perfume smells, to those few times we catch you bending over, or just giving a sexy glance at us. Thank you so much for making the workplace tolerable! Thank you for helping us get through the workday!

For us men, we cannot help but stare at boobs and all the curves of your body. The Almighty has granted you with such beautiful curves that we find very attractive and cannot live without. Sure, we can work in a place with all men or even in a place where women dress so business-like, they show nothing and leave everything to the imagination, but we really do appreciate you showing some skin. I honestly do not mean to objectify you and believe me, you are not an object.

You are a beautiful woman and to be working with you is a great pleasure. I completely respect the fact that you went to college, studied, and worked hard to get to the position you are in today. I completely respect the fact that you are working to pay your bills, feed your family, take care of your kids, and make your living. But I also appreciate you being a little daring, showing off your beauty, liking the attention, and realizing that I’m not trying to see you as an object, but the little flirtatiousness only means that I am trying to escape the hell of my day, and you are the gorgeous woman in the office to help alleviate some of my pain.

You might think I’m using you. I’m not. I just need to get away. My work day sucks. The office sucks. Our boss sucks. My work is not the hardest thing in the world, but its mundane and sometimes boring. But your cute butt and those amazing breasts sure take my mind away from the office for just a few moments. Your gorgeous body helps me escape for just a few minutes when we cross paths, when I see you, or when we talk. I might be fantasizing about you and I know you’re married, maybe you have a boyfriend, maybe you aren’t interested in me, but you give me the peace of mind in knowing that I can have you as a part of my fantasy. Yes, some of you women may think this is creepy to think such thoughts. But if a woman is fantasizing about a hot married co-worker or even her boss who would just rip her clothes off and do her on the desk, than that must be creepy too. Creepy falls into the realm of stalking and taking things too far. Fantasy remains pure and innocent.

Sexy Librarian Leaning on Books

Sexy Librarian

We may be married, we may have girlfriends and fiancees, but whether you are the secretary, a girl in the Marketing Department, the woman who is the Head of the Human Resources Department, or the Assistant Vice President of the company, the way you dress means a lot to us. While I can’t promise you that every man out there is going to take you more seriously depending on what you wear, you can certainly attract men and sway their decisions by dressing in a business casual or smart casual sexual way. Especially if you learn how to pull it off, which comes with age, experience, and intelligence. Many of the men you work with are probably not complete sexist pigs. Sure, they get horny, they do want sex. Who doesn’t? If you offered it to some of those men, they may willingly go for it. It is something new and exciting to them. There are other men who are completely loyal to their wives and girlfriends and although they may flirt with you, would never act upon any of your moves.

The thing is, you are sexy. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are gorgeous. Your personality and your body combined make you who you are. A beautiful confident businesswoman who knows what she wants and does what she needs to do in order to make her career happen and make her life happy. Along the way, if you choose to dress sexy, if you choose to flirt, if you choose to entertain the office with your personality and your sexy body, I am glad that I could be along for the ride. I appreciate it. I’m sure all of us men who notice you, though we may not say anything, we do appreciate the way you dress.

Sexy Young Secretary

Thank you for being the sexy lady in the office. And you may not believe it, but my workday is so much better because you showed up. I was curious what you were going to wear today, tomorrow, next week…I may not dress up for you, other than my normal business clothes—though I may put on the nice smelling cologne you like—but I appreciate you making my day. I look forward to seeing how you are going to wear your hair today, but you should know that you look cute and sexy no matter what you do with that luxurious hair.

I do really appreciate your sexiness. The fact that you appear confident while still doing your job with perfection makes you even sexier. The fact that I know after you leave work and go home, you still have to tidy up the house, do chores, take care of your kids, and feed the family. You might even still go out with a few of your girlfriends for an hour or so, go to the gym, or do all that you have to do, and that only makes you appear even sexier to me.

I can’t tell you that you don’t deserve a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles and lotions. You know you deserve a nice massage. You most certainly do!  And I can’t promise you that imagining you in that bath tub isn’t one of my fantasies, because it is. I think I'd even like to be the one to give you that massage. But throughout your day, when you feel that no one appreciates you or notices you, know this—I appreciate you and I thank you for being a part of my workday, beautiful sexy woman.

photo credit (last photo only): Robby Mueller via photopin cc

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  • There is nothing more distracting than sexy women. Sexy women with boobs. Sexy women with a gorgeous ass.
  • For us men, we cannot help but stare at boobs and all the curves of your body. The Almighty has granted you with such beautiful curves that we find very attractive and cannot live without.
  • The thing is, you are sexy. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are gorgeous. Your personality and your body combined make you who you are.
  • Thank you for being the sexy lady in the office.