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Tell Your Boss How You Feel While Remaining Anonymous

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If you ever worked a day in your life, chances are, you have loved every job you have had, every boss you have had, and every co-worker that you have worked with. You have never had any complaints, work is great, you love it so much that you would do it for free, and you even arrive on time, early, and you stay late. All so you can please your amazing boss or company you work for and aim for that raise and/or promotion that you always get for your hard work and efforts. And don’t forget those amazing bonuses that your company and/or boss shares with you every quarter for doing an excellent job. It is awesome that you finally have your dream job!

If you are wondering what world I am living in to assume that you have had a great job, with a great boss, with great co-workers, and working for a great company, chances are, you are laughing at me for knowing it doesn’t exist. Chances are, you will have to work a ton of jobs in order to even get nearly close to getting there, and the truth is: It does exist, but you probably have to go through a ton of jobs in order to find it. Believe it or not, there is about 20% of workers who show up to their jobs, love their jobs, and get paid to do what they would happily do for free. Unfortunately, if you aren’t there yet, you just have to keep working at it, whether it means furthering your education, learning new skills, or switching to another job, or career.

Sometimes, however, you are stuck in a job or career that you cannot leave, either for financial reasons, or the fact that you love the people you work with, but you really cannot stand your boss. Unfortunately, many bosses do not go through any courses that train them for how to understand and deal with their employees. They may have started the business themselves and in their minds, the ultimate goal is: sell to customer, make money. For some bosses, this is it, and they fail to realize that unhappy employees mean less money overall. That’s right! This is a quick lesson I will give you if you are a boss: If your employees are happy, they will likely sound happier on the phone or look happier in person, feel happier, be happier, and they will sell more because they have incentive to be loyal to you and the company. This does not mean that incentive has to come from money, but rather, treating employees with respect, sharing company success, even if the extra money is given through a pizza or ice cream party, or a social event outside of work that may include alcohol.

You can try having a conversation with your boss, having a meeting, so that a group of you and your co-workers are addressing issues with the boss, but in most cases, either of these does not normally happen, for fear of being fired or treated unfairly throughout the remainder of your employment. If your boss still just doesn’t get it, and you cannot go to Human Resources to complain, there is a website by Larry Wildman, who offers you the opportunity to send a postcard to your boss, remaining completely anonymous, sending him or her a wake up call that you are unhappy with their leadership. Think There’s Still Hope For Your Current Company? Send Leadership A Wake Up Call.

Please note: This is just a suggestion and I do not take responsibility for how your boss reacts or his or her actions and the results, unless of course, good things came of it! 😉

The postcard reads:


Someone in your organization wants you to know you’re blowing it.
This is your wake up call.

Larry Wildman


Your employees are unhappy.
And leadership is to blame.

This postcard serves as a warning to you. At least one (and most likely more than one) of your employees is discontent with your leadership. Your approach to the organization’s leadership philosophy is inherently flawed. Your immediate goal should now be to ask what they need – else face an imminent loss of loyalty and, possibly, me.


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