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Secrets of the Barista

Author: Anonymous

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As a part time job, I used to work in a bar which had an underground restaurant which only opened in winter. The bar was elegant and I enjoyed working there since everyone liked me and I gave great service. My boss was a man who was married and had two children, but was very suspicious. My colleague, Desi and I were best of friends and we shared everything until one day she told me she had a suspicion on our boss since his wife. Unluckily for him, new CCTV installments were being put up around the bar but without his knowledge, they were also put around the restaurant and the reason he didn't know is because his wife made the agreement. We always thought our boss was up to no good when it came to female baristas and waitresses as he had a long eye.

After a few months, it was up to me to check the CCTV every fortnight to see if they were working properly and everything was going great until I stumbled upon something I wish I had never seen. As I switched screens, I saw Desi and my boss in the restaurant getting freaky and trust me, it was very freaky! I didn't know what to do and I was afraid I would lose my job so I just kept it to myself.

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I confronted her and she begged me to not tell anyone and I didn't but it got harder each day. I also found out she had been stealing from the counter and things just got harder. My boss also started to hit on me too which made me feel disgusted, but couldn't do anything as he had given me a pay rise. Things just got harder and I wanted to quit but didn't have the guts especially after learning his secret. However, the one day I quit came and that happened when it was my turn to close the bar for the night - I was putting the alcohol bottles away in the fridge and I was bending down and suddenly I felt a smack on my butt.

I felt humiliated and angry but quickly finished and went home. The next day I told Desi I was going to quit after what happened and she got angry at me because apparently Desi was his ‘favourite’ barista. As soon as I heard that, I went to him and told him I quit and left his wife a little something showing that he doesn't deserve anything. After that, I have never applied to a job again which involved bars or restaurants and I think it’s safe to say that I’d rather focus on my studies instead.

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  1. Havok says:

    There is always crazy stuff going on no matter what bar or restaurant you work at.. politics or some kind of secret sex affair between the employees.

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