6 Secrets to Changing Your M.O.

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We all slip into ruts. As a general rule, people do not like change, especially where their jobs or lifestyle are concerned. But when you get to the point where your modus operandi just feels stale or unproductive, do not be afraid to do what it takes to switch it up a little bit. Habits can change just like people—all it takes is a little stubbornness and determination.

1. Take a Vacation

Let’s be honest—work wears us all down. It does not matter how much you love what you do. Sometimes, you just need a break. When you feel like you are struggling to stay on top of your game, take a step back and think about how long you have been doing the same thing day after day without a break.

If you have not been out of town (or at least taken a personal day) in a while, schedule a trip. Take a weekend excursion to the town next door and spend the night in a hotel, or ask for a week off and enjoy your family for some well-deserved vacation time.

When you get back to work, you will be ready to dive back in, and you might even bring some fresh ideas with you.

2. Start a New Exercise Program

If you do not already have an exercise plan, start one. Nothing changes your life like getting active and fit. It is not easy to fit an hour or more of an “extra” activity into your schedule, but that’s all part of changing your M.O.

You will probably have to make sacrifices if you are going to add something brand new into your schedule. Cutting back on TV time or even a little bit of sleep every morning might seem too difficult, but if you want to keep your life from stagnating, you will have to work for it.

And nothing makes you work for it like physical exertion. Who knows…you might even end up liking it.

3. Pick Up An Old Hobby

You had hobbies back in high school that you probably do not keep up with anymore. If you are feeling the need for something new in your life, consider picking up something old. Pull out the scrapbooking, musical instrument, or half-finished novel and make it part of your everyday life again.


Nothing beats coming home from work and getting to spend time doing something you have been wanting to do all day. Knowing you have something to look forward to will make your work day easier to get through and even more enjoyable.

4. De-Clutter

When you are looking to shake something in your life around, look no further than your own house or office space. You have probably collected piles of stuff that you just do not need. And all that extra clutter on your desk and in your personal space at home adds up to a lot of unnecessary stress.

So clean it up. Throw away or donate things you do not use anymore. Toss out trash and items not worth saving. Send a carload or two of possessions to a self-storage unit (London, Ontario has some great options, if you are in the area) if you can’t stomach the thought of getting rid of them yet.

De-cluttering your life will help you be more organized, more collected, and more open to change as it comes.

5. Ask for a Transfer

If worse comes to worse, ask your boss for a transfer. Moving to a different department or team will force you to break away from your old ways and learn something new. You will establish new habits and skills as you learn new procedures. If your workplace has another location, consider moving out of your current office completely.

6. Relax

Some people’s M.Os are so rigid that their own habits and patterns stress them out. If you are too set in your ways, every little change will make you irritated and anxious. Let yourself relax a little bit. Find opportunities to change up your everyday routine.

If you go out to lunch at 12:30 every day, try going at 11:30 or 1:30 instead. If you like your coffee the same way every morning, try a cup of tea or hot chocolate instead. If you have filed your papers the same way since you were in college, try organizing them with a new system. Even simple changes will alter the way you work, make your day go faster, and make you less afraid of changing other important things in your life.

Everyone has an M.O. But you do not have to keep yours the same forever. Do not be afraid to break some habits, form new ones, and switch up your routine a little bit. Your work and personal life will both benefit from positive, successful changes that keep you engaged and interested in what you do.

About the Author

Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose family is her pride and joy. She has recently cleaned out her house to switch up her own modus operandi, and recommends Migson Storage. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others.