Secret Sauce To Landing Your Dream Job

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Just about everyone would love to land their dream job, but with so many people applying for the same posts it may seem like an impossible task. Whilst landing your dream job will never be easy it can be done! Follow our guide to find out the 6 ingredients to the Secret Sauce of Job Seeking Success.

Start Networking

One of the very best ways to find your new job is by networking. In fact it has been estimated that almost 50% of jobs are found this way. Networking takes a lot of time and effort and whilst you are out of employment you should make it your full time job to find your dream employment.

Secret Sauce To Landing Your Dream Job

Networking involves making contacts that may ultimately lead you to your dream job. Start by contacting everyone you know, either over the telephone or by email just letting them know that you are job hunting. Ask them for the contacts of anyone they know who may be looking to employ someone. You will end up making hundreds, maybe even thousands of calls, but your persistence will pay off. Use each phone call or email as an opportunity to find new contacts. Even if it seems that the answer is ‘no’ from all of your contacts, use each opportunity to learn and ask questions. The same can be accomplished by using Social Media Networks online.

Caution is necessary when using online Social Networking sites as The Daily Mail recently reported that:

One in five bosses have rejected an applicant because of their profiles on social networking sites.

Always be careful about what you post on your profile as potential new employers can and do use the Social Media profiles of their applicants to find out more about them.

Contact a Specialist Recruitment Agency

An excellent ingredient that you should put into the Secret Sauce to land your dream job is to find an agency that specialises in the type of employment you are looking for. By turning to one of these companies you can be assured that you will be put in contact with the businesses that are looking to employ people like you. A specialist recruitment agency will have specific knowledge about the roles and skills required for the type of job you are looking for. These companies will do their best to match the right people with the right jobs.

Make Use of Mobile Phone Apps

Nowadays there are apps for just about anything from online banking to purchasing your train tickets. There are also apps that are specifically aimed at helping you to find a job. You can use these apps to upload your CV and to search for the specific types of job you are looking for in the area you wish to work.

Write a Quality CV

One of the most important ingredients to the Secret Sauce of Job Seeking Success is a good quality CV. In a recent article Lebreton Recruitment stated that

A quality CV can mean the difference between getting your dream job and never being asked for an interview.


Secret Sauce To Landing Your Dream Job
This article also contains a fantastic list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to preparing your CV.

Prepare for Your Interview

Making sure that you arrive in plenty of time, that you are well dressed and use good body language are all great ways to make sure that you make your job interview a success. Getting it right takes a lot of preparation and you should spend time practising what you are going to say, perhaps watching yourself in the mirror, or recording your voice and listening to how you come across.

You should also think about what questions you are going to be asked and prepare how you are going to answer them. WikiHow explains that

Secret Sauce To Landing Your Dream Job

You can’t change your employment history or your qualifications, but you can work harder than every other applicant by being supremely knowledgeable about the company.

Always Dress at Your Best

What you wear to your interview can say a lot about you. Getting it wrong can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make but also one of the easiest to avoid. No matter what type of job you are applying for always look smart and professional at your interview.

During your interview make sure that you:

  • Keep your hair neat and tidy
  • Wear a clean suit, shirt and tie, or suit and blouse
  • Are wearing clean shoes
  • Do not wear over casual clothing
  • Avoid wearing a lot of jewellery
  • Never chew gum

By adding the 6 essential ingredients to your Secret Sauce for Job Seeking Success, you will land your dream job and quickly. Remember that you need to put a lot of work and effort into Networking, creating a quality CV and preparing for your interviews. Add in the contact with a specialist recruitment agency, the use of phone apps in your search and dressing correctly for your interview and you will have your dream job before you know it.

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