Second-In-Command Leaders In Business [Infographic]

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A Look At The Second-in-Command Leaders At 25 Of The Most Iconic American Companies

Second in Command Office

When it comes to leading a business, CEOs often get a bulk of the credit for leading their companies to success.  It can be easy to credit the work of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook for the success of their respective companies. These leaders are global icons and do deserve some credit for the work they do.

However, research has shown that CEOs at the top of large companies often get to the top by being in the right place at the right time.  Often times, there’s more we can learn more about the company from the leadership of the person who is second in command rather than the leader of the company.

To help illustrate this point, Topgrading, a business who specializes in hiring methodology consulting, analyzed the second in command at 25 of Americas most well-known companies.  Their goal was to try and measure the impact that the second in command had on a business by looking at their background and how they came to be at their current position.  They took their findings and turned them into a comprehensive infographic that can be seen below.

For each person on the list they looked at:

  • Time with the company
  • Time in current role
  • Their compensation in 2016
  • Education
  • Career history
  • Current responsibilities

They also compiled a snapshot of the average number two at these high powered companies.  They found that on average:

  • They had been with the company for at least 21 years
  • In their current role for at least 5 years
  • Earned roughly $17.5 million last year
  • Have a degree from Harvard

To see their full analysis, check out the infographic below.

Second-In-Command Leaders In Business [Infographic]

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A look at second-in-command executives at 25 iconic American companies.

For each profile, we present:

  • Time with the company
  • Time in current role
  • 2016 compensation
  • Education
  • Career history
  • Current responsibilities

Snapshot of an average Number Two:

  • Been with the company 21 years
  • In current role for 5 years
  • Earned $17.5 million in 2016
  • Has a degree from Harvard



Founded 2006

With company: 3 years
Current role: 1 year
2016 compensation: $23,776,079
Number 1: Jack Dorsey, CEO

United States Military Academy, University of Pennsylvania

Prior to joining Twitter, Noto worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs, then as CFO for the National Football League. After two years with the NFL, Noto returned to Goldman, as the Co-head of Global TMT Investment Banking, and in 2014, he moved to Twitter to serve as CFO. Noto became COO in 2016.

Noto oversees the company’s business operations and revenue generating organizations, including global advertising sales, global partnerships, business development, live content, data, revenue product, and MoPub.



Founded 2004

With company: 9 years
Current role: 9 years
2016 compensation: $18,698,969
Net worth: $1.6 billion
Number 1: Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO

Harvard University

Before joining Facebook, Sandberg worked for Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and for Google, as VP of Global Online Sales. In 2008, she was recruited by Zuckerberg to help make Facebook profitable. She has served as COO since.

Sandberg is responsible for Facebook’s global presence, and for managed sales, marketing, business development, legal, human resources, public policy, privacy, and communications.



Founded 2003

With company: 13 years
Current role: 12 years
2016 compensation: $7,927,583
Number 1: Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect and CEO

Stanford University

Before co-founding Tesla with Elon Musk, Straubel worked as en engineer and technical advisor in many capacities, and co-founded an aerospace firm, Volacom, where he served as CTO. With Tesla, Straubel started as principal engineer of drive systems, and a year later assumed his role as CTO.

Straubel oversees the technical and engineering design of vehicles, focusing on the battery, motor, power electronics, and high-level software sub-systems. He also evaluates new technology, manages vehicle systems testing, and handles technical interface with vendors.


KEITH BLOCK Vice Chairman, President and COO

Founded 1999

With company: 4 years
Current role: 4 years
2016 compensation: $12,253,230
Number 1: Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO

Carnegie Mellon University

Block began his career at management consultant firm Booz Allen Hamilton before moving on to software company Oracle, where he spent 26 years. In 2013, Block joined Salesforce as Vice Chairman, President and COO.

Block is in charge of day-to-day operations, including global sales and services, alliances and channels, industry strategy, corporate development, corporate affairs, marketing, and business.



Founded 1999

With company: 8 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: n/a
Number 1: Tony Hsieh, CEO

Pittsburgh State University, University of Arizona

Rajan has been a serial Internet entrepreneur since the mid-1990s. His other ventures and stints include, Intent Media, and One Kings Lane. Rajan served as CTO from 2009 to 2013, and has been COO since 2015. Rajan played a key role in creating and operationalizing Zappos’ Best Customers business strategy.

Rajan is responsible for the creation and execution of the technology strategy, focusing on rapid business growth and scalability.



Founded 1998

With company: 13 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: $100,632,102
Net worth: $650,000,000
Number 1: Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet; Surgey Brin, President of Alphabet

Indian Institute of Technology, India, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania

Before joining Google, Pichai worked as an engineer and in management consulting. Starting in 2004, Picahi ran product management and innovation efforts for Google, becoming Product Chief, and overseeing the development of Google Chrome and Google Drive.

Pichai currently oversees search, ads, maps, the Google Play Store, YouTube, and Android.


ANDY JASSY CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Founded 1994

With company: 20 years
Current role: 1 year
2016 compensation: $35,609,644
Number 1: Jeff Bezos, Chairman, President and CEO

Harvard University

Jassy joined Amazon in 1997, the same year the company went public. He had a background in marketing and business development, but has made his mark at Amazon as the leader behind its cloudcomputing division, AWS. He conceived of the technological and business opportunity that would officially become AWS in 2006, while serving as a technical assistant to Jeff Bezos.

As CEO of AWS, Jassy is responsible for providing reliable and competitive cloud-based infrastructure services to hundreds of thousands of business around the world.


JOHN STANKEY CEO – AT&T Entertainment Group

Founded 1983

With company: 32 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: $9,034,333
Number 1: Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman and CEO

Loyola Marymount University, UCLA

Stankey started with AT&T in 1985, working for affiliates Pacific Bell and SBC Telecom. Stankey has served in a variety of roles, including CIO, CTO, and CSO.

Currently, Stankey leads strategy, marketing, and operations for consumer entertainment offerings, including video, content development, mobility and high-speed Internet products, and advertising business.


A.C GALLO President and COO

Founded 1980

With company: 25 years
Current role: 14 years
2016 compensation: $882,241
Number 1: John Mackey, CEO

Education: Unknown

In 1992, Whole Foods acquired a specialty grocer in Massachusetts called Bread & Circus, where Gallo had been working since the late 1970s. Gallo held various executive positions with Whole Foods until 2003, when he became COO.

Gallo is involved in product sourcing and quality initiatives, including the company’s animal welfare standards, sustainable seafood rating system, and commitment to full GMO transparency.



Founded 1976

With company: 19 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: $24,400,000
Number 1: Tim Cook, CEO

North Carolina State University, Duke University

Before joining Apple in 1998, Williams worked at IBM for 13 years in a number of operations and engineering roles. With Apple, Williams started as the head of a worldwide procurement, and in 2004 was named VP of Operations, where he played a key role in Apple’s entry into the smartphone market.

Williams oversees Apple’s entire supply chain, service and support, and social responsibility initiatives. He’s also responsible for developing Apple Watch and driving the company’s health initiatives, aimed at simplifying medical and health research.



Founded 1971

With company: 8 years
Current role: 0 years
2016 compensation: $11,057,912
Number 1: Howard Shultz, Executive Chairman


New Mexico State University

Johnson’s career spans 30 years of scaling global businesses, including 16 years at Microsoft. He joined Starbucks in 2009, serving on the company’s board of directors during a period of record-setting transformation and growth. In 2015, Johnson became President and COO, and in early 2017, he took the helm when Howard Shultz became Executive Chairman.

Johnson leads the company’s global operating businesses across all geographies, as well as the core support functions, the supply chain, marketing, human resources, technology and mobile, and digital platforms.



Founded 1971

With company: 41 years
Current role: 0 years
2016 compensation: $6,901,850
Number 1: Frederick Wallace Smith, Chairman and CEO

Kent State University

Bronczek started in 1967 as an hourly team member, on the front lines of the company’s delivery operations. In the early 1980s, he moved into the management structure. By the late 1980s, Bronczek was assigned to international operations, and in 1993, he became SVP of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions. He also has worked as COO and CEO of FedEx Express.

Bronczek is now responsible for marketing, sales, and all FedEx operating companies.


TOM NEALON President

Founded 1967

With company: 10 years
Current role: 0 years
2016 compensation: n/a
Number 1: Gary C. Kelly, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Villanova University, University of Dallas

Prior to joining Southwest, Nealon served as CIO for Frito-Lay and The Feld Group, then joined Southwest as CIO in 2002. Nealon left to work with JCPenny from 2006 to 2011, returned to serve on Southwest’s board from 2010 to 2015, and in 2016, he became EVP of Strategy and Innovation, where he led efforts to develop innovative products, services, and processes.

Nealon is responsible for daily operations, including the commercial, finance, technology, corporate delivery, and corporate strategy departments.



Founded 1964

With company: 24 years
Current role: 4 years
2016 compensation: $6,637,161
Number 1: Mark Parker, Chairman, President and CEO

CUNY – Baruch College

Edwards joined Nike in 1992, as a regional marketing manager, and focused exclusively on marketing during his first 10 years. In 2002, Edwards was named VP of Global Brand Management, leading innovation, including the creation of Nike+ and developing a global social media presence.

Edwards is responsible for leading all category and geographic business units, the Jordan Brand and Action Sports, digital sport, and brand management throughout the world, and Nike’s wholesale, retail, and e-commerce operations.


GREG FORAN President and CEO, Walmart U.S.

Founded 1962

With company: 6 years
Current role: 3 years
2016 compensation: $11,538,350
Number 1: Doug McMillon, President and CEO

New Zealand Institute of Management, New Zealand

Prior to joining Walmart, Foran worked for Woolworths, the leading retailer in Australia and New Zealand. Foran joined Walmart in 2011, and within six months, was named CEO of Walmart China. Shortly after, he became CEO of Walmart Asia.

Foran is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of 4,500 stores and 1.3 million employees, all in the U.S.



Founded 1940

With company: 33 years
Current role: 12 years
2016 compensation: n/a
Number 1: Charles G. Koch, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Emporia State University

Mr. Robertson began his career with Koch Industries in 1984, and has led several Koch companies, including Flint Hills Resources, Koch Petroleum Group, Koch Beef Company, and Koch Agriculture Company.

Robertson is currently chairman of Georgia-Pacific Equity Holdings, Flint Hills Resources, Molex Electronic Technologies Holdings, and serves on the boards of INVISTA B.V. and Koch Chemical Technology Group.


MARTIN LETTER SVP for IBM Global Technology Services

Founded 1911

With company: 31 years
Current roles: 2 years
2016 compensation: $7,990,804
Number 1: Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Jetter joined IBM in 1986 and has spent time as CEO of IBM divisions in Germany and Japan. In 2011, Jetter became Strategy Chief for the company, and assume his current role in 2015.

Martin has worldwide responsibility for infrastructure services, which include mobility, resiliency, systems and networking service lines, and technical support services.


DAN AMMANN President

Founded 1908

With company: 7 years
Current role: 3 years
2016 compensation: $11,800,777
Number 1: Mary T. Barra, Chairman and CEO

University of Waikato, New Zealand

After working at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, Ammann moved to General Motors in 2010, serving as VP and treasurer. From 2011 to 2013, Ammann was EVP and CFO; he was named President in January 2014.

Ammann is responsible for managing the company’s business operations around the world, the global Chevrolet and Cadillac brand organizations, global product planning, new business development, and GM Financial.


MARK FIELDS President and CEO

Founded 1903

With company: 28 years
Current role: 3 years
2016 compensation: $19,257,495
Number 1: William Clay Ford, Jr. Executive Chairman

Rutgers University, Harvard University

Fields started with Ford in 1989, in marketing and sales, and has since held positions of leadership overseeing business in South America and Europe, where he was responsible for Ford’s fastest global manufacturing expansion in 50 years. Fields was COO from 2012 to 2014, before assuming his current role.

Fields is responsible for helping Ford expand its business model to include both auto and mobility, particularly through Ford Smart Mobility, a division focused on connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience, and data and analytics.



Founded 1902

With company: 21 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: $10,389,420
Number 1: Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO

University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota

Mulligan joined Target in 1996 as a financial analyst. He has held leadership positions in finance and human resources, and with, Mulligan was also CFO for two years, and served a few months as interim CEO, in 2014.

Mulligan’s responsibilities include retail stores, Target’s global supply chain, merchandising operations, properties, and flight services.


ALBERT P. CAREY CEO, PepsiCo North America

Founded 1898

With company: 36 years
Current role: 1 year
2016 compensation: $8,698,788
Number 1: Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO

University of Maryland, College Park

Carey came to PepsiCo from Procter and Gamble in 1981. He has served in many positions of leadership, notably as COO, and later CEO, of Frito-Lay. Before assuming his current role, Carey was CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, and CEO of North America Beverages, respectively.

As CEO of PepsiCo North America, Carey oversees retail, supply chain management, and marketing for all snacks and beverages.


JOHN G. RICE Vice Chairman

Founded 1982

With company: 39 years
Current role: 7 years
2016 compensaton: $10,977,697
Number 1: Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman and CEO

Hamilton College

Rice began his career with GE in 1978 as a member of the financial management program. He went on to hold leadership roles in plastics, energy, transpiration systems, and corporate auditing. Rice has been in charge of GE’s global operations, based in Hong Kong, since 2010.

In additional to serving as Vice Chairman, Rice is President and CEO of GE Global Growth Organization. Rice is responsible for market expansion and GE’s response to local competition in 173 countries around the world.


HARVEY M. SHWARTZ President and Co-COO

Founded 1869

With company: 20 years
Current role: 0 years
2016 compensation: $20,104,726
Number 1: Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO

Rutgers University, Columbia University

Before Goldman, Schwartz worked at wealth management firm J.B. Hanauer & Co. and Citigroup. In 1997, Schwartz joined commodities brokerage J. Aron, which has been acquired by Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, Schwartz served as the Global Head of the Securities Division, and since 2013, as CFO.

As President and Co-COO, Schwartz will continue to serve as Co-Chair of the Firmwide Risk Committee and the Finance Committee.



Founded 1850

With company: 32 years
Current role: 2 years
2016 compensation: $12,281,260
Number 1: Kenneth Chenault, Chairman and CEO

Manhattan College

Squeri started with American Express in 1985 as a manager in Travelers Cheque Group. He later held several leadership positions in establishment services, and worked in corporate development, overseeing mergers and acquisitions. Squeri was President of Global Corporate Services from 2011 to 2015.

Squeri is responsible for the company’s small business initiatives and enterprise growth, and oversees global corporate payments and the global services group.



Founded 1839

With company: 40 years
Current role: 40 years
2016 compensation: $100,000 (salary only; other compensation details remain well-guarded secrets)
Net worth: $1.47 billion
Number 1: Warren Buffet, Chairman, CEO, President

Harvard University

Before joining Berkshire Hathaway, Munger ran Wesco Financial Corporation, a highly successful investment firm (Berkshire acquired Wesco), and founded two other small investment firms in the 1960s and 70s. from 1984 to 2011, Munger was chairman of Wesco.

Munger’s role is now primarily an advisory one, and he continues to be known as Buffett’s “right hand man.”

While Munger is the de facto “number two” at Berkshire, he is 93 years old and not a candidate to succeed Buffett. Most analysts consider Ajit Jain, of Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance groups, and Greg Abel, of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, to be the leading candidates for succession.

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