How To Scare Your Kids For Halloween [Infographic]

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Scaring Your Kids On Halloween

Scary Halloween House Decorations

Nowadays Halloween is all about costumes and candy’s and we all take this an opportunity to celebrate it by having some interesting costumes. But we feel Halloween is all about celebrating ghosts and ghouls than mere restricting it to costumes. On Halloween, you can still give your pals a frightening night or a good scare with chilling tips on scaring kids at your house or backyard. Or at least give them a fright in the process by just decorating the house Halloween way.

In this infographic we have tried to collect some of easiest tips and tricks available on the internet to add a scary spooky touch to your home. The tips and tricks mentioned are very simple to implement and are easily DIY. By following these simple tips, you can implement them around your house on Halloween.

The one that is liked the most is head in jar and you create your own by using photo editing software by printing out a “flattened head image”, adding some green or yellow food colouring for an eerie glow, and it looks like you have a head in a jar! And we believe it this is damn scary!

If you are a Halloween enthusiast or innovative to the ghastly celebrations, our ideas will help you give your friends or kids a scary time this Halloween! Check out this infographic for ideas!

How To Scare Your Kids For Halloween [Infographic]

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Fun and spooky tips on how to be the house on the street this Halloween – and give your kids a good fright in the process


Value of Halloween related products in the UK each year:

£300+ million

Tesco will sell around £3 million pumpkins

More Americans celebrate Halloween compared to Britons

81% vs. 23%

The US expects $2.3 billion in candy for trick or treating



Create your own using photo editing software or search online for “flattened head image”. Then simply add to a jar of water and pop in the fridge. For a more eerie glow, add a drop or two of food colouring. Green or yellow works best.



Take old cardboard toilet rolls and cut eyes shapes out of them. Put glow sticks inside and hide them in the bushes. It will freak out the neighbours and those passing by!



Create an “undead ted” and place him innocently amongst your kids toy collection. Any joke shop should have the fake blood and fangs you need for this. Youc an also try adding chicken bones for chopped off arm!



Forget about wearing one of these things. Leave it facing your child as they sleep. Trust us. It will get them out of bed in the morning in no time!



As oldie but goodie and super easy too. Sipmly stick some false nails on the ends of hotdogs to create “fingers” your children can happily gobble up. Leave them lying around the house for added menacing effect. Make sure they don’t eat the nails!



If you want to go all out, turn one of your rooms into a crime scene. Masking tape the outline of a body to flooring, leave bloody fingerprints on the light switches and “clues” around the room. CSI tape and numbered tags add an authentic touch. You can even make it into a game for the kids with a prize for the one who guesses the murder weapon or murderer.


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