Say Yes [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Say Yes

Say Yes More Than No Wall

A while ago, a movie with Jim Carrey came out in 2008, called, “Yes Man”. I hadn’t seen it until recently, but the idea was sparked for this challenge in that movie. When the movie first began, other than what he had to say yes to, his responses were usually a series of “No”. From trying new things, to hanging out with friends, to taking risks, to giving to charity and making a donation, everything that came his way resulted in him saying no, until he went to a conference, which his friend told him about.

He had originally said no to doing that too, but in the conference, the speaker spoke about the power and positivity that came from the word, “Yes”. The magic of the movie then happened and he couldn’t say no to anything, springing a series of events that led him on an adventure, and even meeting the girl of his dreams. This week, it is your time, and in your power, to say yes.

This week, unless it is harmful to yourself or others, you cannot say no to questions, favors, or anything asked of you. It is permissible to say no if you feel that something will hurt or others you physically, emotionally, or financially.

The point of saying yes this week is see what happens when you begin to take risks, do more things that you wouldn’t normally do, perform tasks asked of you, and start saying yes to people instead of saying no, which is almost a rejection of some sort. Go out to eat, explore a new place, even ask someone to do it with you and tell them about the challenge, that they too, must try and do.

For parents, this also means that you cannot say no to your children. See what happens when they are so used to no and all of a sudden, they have no idea whose house they are in or who you are anymore, because you finally started saying yes. They will probably take advantage of this week, but it is just a week, and you should have fun with it.

For significant others, she might need chores around the house done or a honey-do list completed, and you probably should not say no to that. For ladies, whatever he wants… you will probably say no, but he’s going to try.

Say yes to all, say yes to everyone who needs a favor, say yes to everyone who needs a little help, say yes to a significant other who wants stuff done or needs a little action. If it might cause harm to yourself or others, you can and should say no, but do your best, within reason, to use the power of yes.

All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes

“When you say yes, the universe helps you.” – Dan Brule

Let us know in the comments how you did!