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Santa Claus is a Superhero

Santa and his little helpers have the most extremely demanding job in the world. Most people think that Santa and all his elves are vacationing throughout the year, but being Santa is not an easy job, and actually requires working throughout the year in order to make sure everything is ready by Christmas.

Santa and his helpers are like superheros, working at godlike speeds and long hours a day, all without fuss. They must make sure all the toys and presents are right, ensure all the gadgets are working, including loading up the sleigh with gifts, and in the meantime, Santa has to keep his list updated, which he has been keeping all year, of those who are naughty, and those who are nice.

The reindeer must be fed, prepared, and tested to make sure they can fly at acceptable speeds that allow them to get around the world throughout Christmas. Santa times it perfectly so that he is in each timezone during the Eve of Christmas, but he must be extremely quick and has mere seconds to drop off presents and leave for the next house.

For those homes without chimneys, magic plays a role in allowing Santa to enter a home swiftly, quietly, and without notice. To most people, hearing a stranger in the night in their home would be considered trespassing, and whether the intruder means well or not, he could scare the occupants of the house and provoke a call to police, so therefore, he must train throughout the year, for a guy of his height and weight, to be exceptionally quiet, while delivering presents under the tree.

Santa Claus must know the exact speed he needs to maintain and the coordinates of each house he is to go to, and he may also be required to fly in extreme weather conditions.

Your job may be hard and demanding, but think about the demanding work required of Santa Claus who works non-stop throughout the year, and must begin again right after Christmas.

Would you submit your resume for the position of Santa Claus?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This infographic presents the many wonders and costs of being Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Superhero [Infographic]

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The Proof

We all know that it takes someone pretty special to be able to deliver all the presents all over the world on Christmas Eve. Maybe a bit too special? We have our suspicions that Santa Claus could in fact be a superhero… Here’s why…

He has to read at superhero speeds:

That’s the number of letters Santa has to read every year to know what presents to make.

5 million
That’s how many letters he’d receive a day, every day of the year, to get through them all!

He has superhero qualities:

He must be richer than BATMAN!

$455.3 billion+
That’s how much Santa spends on Christmas gifts!

1.6 billion+
The number of children Santa has to deliver to on Christmas Eve.

Tonnes of toys are put onto Santa’s sleigh!

Don’t worry, Santa will still have plenty of cash left over. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of… Infinity!

He has more sidekicks than all superheros put together!


elves help Santa meet the deadlines

Working 365 days a year

Making 2 presents a second!

Did You Know? 1% of the elf population actually live with Father Christmas. The rest live hidden among us, making sure we’ve been good boys and girls.

Reindeer would be need to pull that lot (Poor Rudolph would have a hard job otherwise!)

That’s double the population of Paris! (2.211 million+)

He’s faster than Superman!

Santa would have to visit 822+ homes a second to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve

Travelling at 650 miles a second!

3,000 times the speed of sound, that’s faster than Superman!

He has a stomach of steel!


That’s the number of calories Santa would eat if he accepted all the milk, cookies, and mince pies each family offered!


That’s the number of people that eat this amount in one day!

To work off this extra weight, Santa would need to walk 1.3 billion miles, which is 54,000 times around the circumference of the Earth.

At the end of his trip, Santa likes nothing more to come home and have a nap, and start preparing for next year. Because even superheros need rest sometimes.

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