Ever Wanted To Run Your Own Coffee Shop?

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Owning A Coffee Shop

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Coffee shops have become an increasingly popular business venture since entrepreneurs realised that coffee is the drink of choice for many people across the world and that many people want to start their day with a cup of coffee and that they prefer a professionally made drink to the instant option at home.

The success of your coffee shop can largely depend on its location. Visibility plays an important role in directing a large amount of traffic of potential customers to your shop. As such, when choosing a suitable location, go for street corners, squares or the ground floors of buildings.

Research shows that the people with a disposable income – the ones who will spend on your coffee – spend most of their days at work. This makes it a good idea to start a coffee shop on the ground floors of buildings, as close to the business and office areas of a city as possible. Opening and closing before and after office work hours will guarantee your coffee shop a steady flow of customers. The benefits of a strategic location are manifold. It could ensure that you retain a good flow of customers for up to eighteen hours a day, provided the coffee shop is in or near an area having a twenty-four hour economy. Moreover, it will make the coffee shop accessible to customers who may be recommended by friends or colleagues to try out the flavours you choose to offer.

espresso coffee machineEquipment
Equipping your coffee shop for a runaway success is the next step. Equipment encompasses everything from the espresso machines to the décor that you will choose. You have to offer a quality drink first of all, so it is worth getting a quality espresso/barista machine. This can be second hand, it just has to quality and offer the correct performance (the pressure amount of the machine, the way it heats water, being a plumbed in machine etc.). You also want a quality grinder to make sure you can offer the varying styles of coffee.

You will also want some basic cooking equipment for snacks and hot food. Thinks such as sandwich toasters and hot plates can cover many types of food.


Looking at the major coffee shops around your locality will show you the type of colour scheme that goes down well with the customer base that you’re targeting. This will give you a feel of the market; you have to go the extra mile and make your décor unique and attractive.

Successful coffee shops have an aura around them; the air may be noticeably cooler inside, a subtle delicious smell of roasting coffee beans at the entrance, relaxing music played at a subdued volume and limitless other ‘edges’.

What is certain is that you need to appeal to the senses of your potential clients and décor affordscoffee and cake you the chance to do so. Appeal to the clients visually, with scents, with music and make everything they touch; for instance the seats, mugs, and doors (if present) pleasantly unique. It will make them come back, with a friend in tow.

It is common sense to have your coffee shop duly registered with the appropriate authorities. Not only should you ensure that your coffee shop is properly licensed for all the activities your will undertake; but also make sure the staff has proper working papers. Nothing kills a coffee shop faster than a bad reputation in the public.

Unless start-up capital is readily available, start with a skeletal staff that understands the product your coffee shop is offering. They have to understand that the shop sells an experience, not just coffee. Even when money is not the issue, make sure that the staff you start off with clearly understands this concept.

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About the Author

Graeme K:  It has always been a dream of mine to open and run a coffee shop. It started when I was given a commercial coffee machine from a family friend, one that could be plumbed into the kitchen. I was going to do it up and sell it, but it actually gets everyday use from all the family, and there is nothing I enjoy more than playing around with new coffee variations. Maybe it will be something I can do come retirement.



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