The Rise of Online MBA Education [Infographic]

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Online college has been a controversial topic ever since its introduction, but with the recent technological advancements in the last decade online education has skyrocketed. Whether you are stuck in a rut at your job and need something different, aiming for that promotion at work, or just need a salary increase, an online degree can help you with that by offering online MBA education.

The University of Ohio has created an infographic showing categorized statistics on how online education has changed the options we have for higher education today.

Below are several of the key topics that are covered:

  • Classroom of the future
    • Online enrollment statistics
    • Current enrollment
    • Online education vs. face-to-face learning
  • The online MBA
    • Ratio of students studying business degrees
    • Average duration for part time students
    • Annual earnings for new MBA holders
    • Why choose an online MBA program

Many students work full-time jobs, or have children at home that take a great amount of time, so face-to-face learning on campus can seem impossible. Online education takes the trip back and forth to campus, time away from their children, and long class schedules that conflict with work out of the equation, and provides a less stressful, more diverse, and easy to access way to attain higher education for a better future.

The Rise of Online MBA Education [Infographic]


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The Rise of Online MBA Education

Whether pursued for a salary increase, a promotion, or a change in careers, an MBA empowers professionals to pursue the next stage in their careers. See the benefits of an online MBA program and why more and more business professionals are turning to the web for education.

Classroom of the Future

Over 6.7 million students are enrolled in online education

Online enrollment is now greater than 32% of total enrollment

77% of academic leaders claim online learning is of equal quality or better than face-to-face learning

The Online MBA

#1 most popular graduate degree online

1/3 of online students are studying business

Offered by 355 accredited programs

98+ online schools are accredited by the AACSB (Association Collegiate Schools of Business)

Average duration for part-time students:

3 years

Annual earnings for new MBA holders are $40,000 higher than those with just a bachelor’s degree

86% of 2011 MBA graduates found employment

93% of those in the position they wanted

Why Choose an Online MBA Program?


96.4% of online MBA students chose an online program because of its flexibility around their work schedules

91.8% of students needed a program that fit with their personal schedules


89.2% Interaction with diversity of students
88.3% Progressive program
86.9% Diversity of specializations
86.3% Accessibility
81.4% Adequate structure

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