5 Moves to Help E-Retailers Boost Their Christmas Sales

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Boost Christmas Sales

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End of a year is the much-awaited time for the retailers because shopping activities get double during a more than week-long winter holidays of Christmas. People purchase gifts, costumes, decorative items and various other accessories in order to celebrate the event with full spirit and zeal. To make the most of this opportunity, both Brock and mortar and online retailers starts their preparations for the holiday season before time. Yet, not many have been able to profit from it. WHY?

A blog post on Liveadmins® clarifies it in this way: “Google Trends data for the Year 2015” denoted that search for Christmas gifts begin from the start of September and continue till the end of the Year. So the vendors who fails to proffer latest products and service from September misses the opportunity to make their mark and profit. To assist such brands and retailers, here we have listed 5 moves that will enable them to make more money during Christmas season.


Offer Free Gift Wrap

Holiday season is that time of the year when majority of things are bought to present someone as Christmas gifts. This gives stores the opportunity to proffer free Christmas gift wrap offer to their customers. Obviously, providing free-wrapping for all the gifts is an expensive trade, so act smart and adopt a strategy that can help you stay profitable. For instance, offer free-wrapping on gift-basket and or upon a purchase of certain limit.

Offer Quality Service

No matter how attractive your packages are and how exciting your discounts are, you cannot make more sales unless you make it easy for customers to purchase from you. From getting connected to check-out phase, you need to make the entire process of online purchase as seamless as possible, so you can lure more customers.

However, due to sufficient increase in the traffic during holiday season it gets difficult for e-stores to provide quick support to customers, but by integrating smart online service tools like live chat software, online stores can surely enhance their customer service quality. It will help them cut the wait time and improve response time drastically.

Offer Great Discounts

Discounts are the biggest attraction for customers, particularly on an event like Christmas. By offering exciting discounts to shoppers, retailers can compel them to purchase things that they perhaps don’t need. Offering discounts on seasonal items can prove a real game changer, but remember do it smartly. Offer such discount on the purchase of a certain order limit.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is another good attraction for customers that can lure them to purchase from your store. Such a strategy is commonly adopted by e-retailers on special events and occasions to boost their sales.



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