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The way that you decorate your restaurant can be a deciding factor in whether business is good or very, very bad. Old carpets can be a liability, and harsh colors on the walls can dissuade people from making a return trip. Here are some important tips to decorating your restaurant for the best dining experience for your customers.


Restaurant Decorating Tips: ChairClean Carpet

Make the effort to ensure that your carpet remains clean and tidy, with no rips, tears, or hazardous bubbles. Anything that could make a guest or member of the wait staff trip is an accident waiting to happen, and should be remedied immediately. Street Directory recommends that if you have the option to replace your carpet in its entirety, do so, and choose a muted color and quiet design.

Perfect the Lighting

There’s nothing more unappetizing than food illuminated by fluorescent lights. Between the unflattering color and annoying flickering, fluorescents are never a good idea. Harsh lighting should be avoided in your restaurant, even if you want to create a bright space. Make use of some creative uplighting to brighten your restaurant, and avoid hanging lights with which your wait staff or guests could bump heads.

Making Music

Music should be present at your restaurant. Sometimes, it’s the only filler in conversations for your guests. It should neither be too loud, nor too quiet, and should reflect the theme of your restaurant. Guests should not be speaking louder than normal conversational tones to be heard, but the absence of music will be noticed.

Tickled Pink

Color choices can be very significant, as different colors produce different moods. Design Build Ideas states that warm colors like yellow, red, and orange tend to raise the appetite of diners, and encourage a better attitude. If oranges and reds don’t go with your restaurant’s theme, don’t force it. Stick with colors that reflect your cuisine and atmosphere, while also staying within the realm of aesthetically pleasing design.

Invest in Seating

Perhaps the most important part of your diner’s experience is the seating. Flimsy tables and uncomfortable chairs will inspire people to leave before the second course. Invest in some booths and comfortable chairs and barstools to encourage your customers to stay a while, chat, and possibly order dessert or coffee. It doesn’t have to be a large expense. A1 Restaurant Furniture provides ample seating options for a great price. Once you have your new seating arrangements, sit in each seat at the bar, tables, and booths. If you’re not comfortable, your guests won’t be either.

Your design choices in your restaurant can be more influential than anything else, sometimes even overshadowing the food itself. If you have comfortable seating areas, a pleasing color scheme, and a relaxing atmosphere, your guests will be much more likely to make return trips, and maybe even bring their friends and family along for the next trip. Ensure that the dining area is safe, comfortable, and relaxing for your guests and you’ll build up a clientele of loyal customers who return to your restaurant again and again.


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