Removing Stains out of Carpets and Fabric

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Advice for Cleaning Stains

Removing Stains Carpets Fabrics

There are many reasons why we may face a stain on the carpet or our clothes, whether it happens to be a spill or a smudged chocolate from our kids, chances are you will need to act fast to prevent any further damage to your favorite pieces. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can use to solve your problems:

  • Dealing with easy stains
    There are certain stains that may be removed with ease with a simple combination of water and vinegar. These are soft drinks, latex paint, gravy, alcohol, milk, mud and a few other non-damaging substances. Rub them with the mixture and move on by letting them dry out for a quick fix.
  • Tougher stains
    There are some stains that can be fixed and cleaned with nothing but water and something a bit more than that. Examples of these include mustard, coffee, chocolate, wine and tea. Black tea and coffee stains are really staining and harder to clean, up to the point where constant drinking of both can even stain your teeth. Luckily however, there are ways you can deal with this by mixing in some ammonia with a cup of water. You should ensure you never use it on wool and carpets made of wool or otherwise carpet cleaning will quickly become a disaster. The same can be said about bleach and its obviously discoloring properties. Make sure you read the instructions for every type of cleaner you plan on using for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning or you risk damaging your furniture and carpets.
  • Oily and waxy stains
    These can be pretty tough to deal with, so you would do well to ensure you work on them the right way. A paper towel can be used to iron the location of the stain so the towel can absorb the oily substance inside. You can also work on removing cigarette burns from carpets by rubbing them with a flat and tough object such as a rasp or a knife. Use rubbing alcohol to remove glue and moisten a piece of cloth or cotton to allow it to sit on the spot, dissolving the glue. Gum and wax can be frozen or cooled down and then easily broken to pieces and cleaned.
    Carpet cleaning
    Regular carpet cleaning is an absolute must when it comes to carpets and what they need. Persian rugs and others are extremely vulnerable to collecting dust and all manner of contaminants, so if you happen to be allergic to dust, then this will need to become something of a ritual. If you plan on hiring a cleaning company, you should make sure you do so ahead of time and even on a contractual basis so they can keep your carpets clean and your upholstery cleaning in check. Professional carpet cleaners will know how to deal with the situation in the safest way possible, using methods that allow you to have your carpets back after a short time, stopping bacterial growth and killing mildew.




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