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How to Reduce Home Maintenance Costs

Author: Ibtisaam Ganief
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Reducing Home Repair Costs

Home Maintaince Calculator Estimate

Maintaining your property in Dubai, whether rented or owned, is an important step that will prevent further problems from developing into something more serious over the years. By putting the effort into your home from the get go and getting to know your property inside and out, you will have the upper hand when it comes to cutting down on maintenance costs.

By following these six simple steps, you can cut down the cost of maintaining your home.

Address Problems Sooner Rather than Later

Is that crack on the living room wall growing bigger by the week? Chances are it’s not going to stop, and that small leak you have put off fixing could end in a burst pipe and a flooded basement – disaster! Some small problems may stay small and will not escalate into anything serious, but others just might. By keeping an eye on pipes, cracks and other inconsistencies in your home you have a better chance of catching a minor issue before it becomes much worse.

Open a ‘Maintenance Fund’

Open an account specifically for maintenance costs, and each month deposit a budgeted amount of money into it that will cover your homes maintenance – painting the walls, cleaning the gutters, etc. The extra money left over will be there to cover any emergencies and will continue to grow for future use.

Read the Manual

Almost everything you buy comes with a manual, and each of those manuals contain valuable information about each appliance or product. Inside you are likely to find recommended maintenance work your product will need and instructions on how to fix common problems. If lost, manuals can easily be found online.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Creating a maintenance schedule will ensure you don’t end up having too many jobs to do all at once. There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed because you have too much to do and, I don’t know about you, but I end up getting nothing done because I am in a flat panic. Spread out all of your maintenance jobs throughout the year to ensure you get it all done in a timely fashion.

Use a Handy Man

There are certain jobs that need a professional. Don’t try and be a hero when it comes to fixing the leak in the upstairs bathroom, because there is a possibility that you could make it worse leading to flooding and a damp ceiling downstairs. A handy man will know exactly what to do, will fix it in half the time you could and there will be no accidents along the way.

Clean on a Regular Basis

Reduce the wear and tear on your home and appliances by cleaning everything on a regular basis. Wipe down your window frames, give your carpet a scrub and make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. By cleaning everything regularly the lifespan of your items will lengthen and you may find minor problems in places you don’t pay very much attention to.

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  1. @bobtoovey says:

    How to Reduce Home Maintenance Costs via @OneTruConscious

  2. How to Reduce Home Maintenance Costs via @OneTruConscious

  3. How to Reduce Home Maintenance Costs via @OneTruConscious

  4. How to Reduce Home Maintenance Costs via @OneTruConscious

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  • By putting the effort in from the get go and getting to know your property inside and out, you will have the upper hand when it comes to cutting down on maintenance costs.
  • Address problems sooner than later and get them repaired as soon as possible.
  • Set up a routine maintenance schedule of checks and balances for your property, taking a look at everything in detail, from pipes in the basement and under the sink, to cracks in the roof.
  • Don't try to be a hero: call a handy man if you cannot DIY.