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Resources for Job Search

Executive Job Search Agreement

The current wave of downsizing has made many executives unemployed. It has also increased the unemployment and competition in the market, which has made it difficult for the executives to find and obtain a good job. Earlier, the fresher and inexperienced people used to face this problem, but now because of the recent change in the job market situation, the professionals and executives are also facing a similar situation. Obtaining a good job seems very hard and difficult even for the executives in today’s time. If you too are facing the same problem, then follow the guide below to know some of the useful resources for the executives to get help for their job search:

The New Rules of Job Search:

This is actually a job search guidebook for executives written by Eleanor Anne Sweet who is widely known as the Job Search Expert. He has been helping people for the last 20 years in finding out good jobs in this highly competitive environment. The book basically states some useful and straightforward guidelines for those professionals and executives who are finding problems in dealing with today’s competitive labor market. The main points discussed in the book are:

  • How to keep yourself positive and maintain a momentum while looking for a job?
  • How to write effective and impressive cover letters and resumes that can easily grab the attention of the recruiters?
  • How to make a list of your target jobs, networks or hidden job markets?
  • How to present yourself as an eligible candidate and different from other executives?

The Executive Job Search:

This is another comprehensive handbook for the professionals, written by Orrin Wood. It provides guidelines to the executives about how to deal with the current downsizing and find a good job in today’s competitive world. The main points discussed in this book are:

  • How to determine your goals?
  • How to conduct an effective job search?
  • How to enhance your attractiveness for recruiters?
  • How to improve your interviewing skills?
  • How to find out more and alternative options for your job?
  • How to make an effective future plan?

How to be Headhunted:

This executive job search guidebook by John Purkiss provides a complete and detailed overview of the recruitment process, search firms, resume and cover letter writing and presentation, etc. The other main features of this book are:

  • Who are called the headhunters?
  • Who should you get help from for your job search?
  • What do search firms do and what they look for?
  • What are the common obstacles in a job search?
  • What should be your unique selling point?
  • How to write and present your resume and cover letter?

Some other resources:

There are some other useful guidebooks available in the market about the executive job search such as The Top Notch Executive Interviews written by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. It states how to strategically deal with the employers, recruiters, search firms, interview panels and other stressful situations. Another book Reverse Headhunting written by Steve Nicholls is also a useful resource for executives who need assistance in their job hunt. This book provides a complete guide about obtaining the next best executive job.

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