4 Reasons Why Employees Lose Motivation

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If you are an employer in today’s competitive world, you know the importance of employee satisfaction. However, to better understand employee satisfaction, you must first know what it is that keeps staff members happy and content. The main four things that keep employees satisfied are fairness, recognition, comfort and a stable sense of being a team member.

A Sense of Unfairness

As your company’s employer, you must let your employees know who is in charge and what you expect. However, you must also be fair and consistent among all staff members. One of the top reasons that employees lose motivation is because they feel that they were treated unfairly on the job.

With that said, you must never treat one employee better than another one. The rules that you set forth need to be valid for all staff members no matter what team they may be on. Never “play favorites” and never instill penalties on one team member that you would not instill on another.

Lack of Recognition

Too often, employers take what their staff members do for granted. As such, employees lose motivation to accomplish even the simplest tasks. You must give your employees reasons to be inspired. Plan regular employee meetings where your staff will have some say in work techniques and other concerns.

Additionally, be sure to thank employees whenever they accomplish something that helps the company. Some great ways to recognize your employees’ accomplishments include awards ceremonies, bonuses, promotions and raises. However, one of the best ways to reward your staff members is to let them know they are valued.

Lack of Comfort

Being the person in charge of a business, you must always keep in mind that your employees are human, and you need to ensure that they are comfortable while working. A big reason why many employees today lose motivation is because their work environments are less than desirable. Nobody wants to work in extremely hot or cold conditions.

As such, be sure that you have proper heating and air conditioning. Furthermore, studies show that employees work much better when they are allowed to get fresh air occasionally. With that said, offer a short break when necessary. Other things you may want to consider include vending machines, water coolers and attractive plants or paintings in the work environment.

No Sense of Belonging

Finally, no matter what type of business you may have, cooperative teamwork among your staff is essential to your success. As such, you must see to it that your employees can get along. When there is too much awkwardness or hostility among employees, motivation and production will significantly suffer.

Plan groups accordingly by matching employees with others whom you think will get along. If there are any problems, make adjustments as necessary. If an employee is unable to get along with any other staff member in the company, you should consider letting him or her go.

These are the top reasons why employees lose motivation today. However, if you follow the useful tips described above, you will see a significant change in your employees’ attitudes. You should always remember that your staff members are only human, and as such, treat them as you would want to be treated yourself.

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