Quitting Time

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I had worked at a company for over 3 years. The job was alright – clerical, administrative nothing overly demanding. At one point I became friends with one of the employees. When it got back to the owner, it had been grossly exaggerated that this (married) co-worker and I were having an affair.

One day while working she decided to get her feelings off of her chest. She told me that she could not believe what I was doing, it was wrong and she lost all respect for me as a person. At that point I was livid and told her plainly my personal life was none of her business and I did not need to justify my actions to her or tell her what was really going on.

As long as my personal life did not impede my work performance we should not have any issues. I was so furious that she thought that about me and didn’t even bother to set her facts straight. The following week on Friday she gave me my paycheck and went to the hairdresser to get her hair done.

When it was my lunch time, I left the office, went to the bank to cash my check and never went back to work. The whole afternoon her husband was calling me trying to figure out what happened and I never answered the phone.

Payback is a bitch.