What is Quick Glimpse?

Quick Glmpse


Quick Glimpse:

  • is a summarized version of the confession, article, or infographic.
  • is normally 4 to 5 bullet points.
  • is intended for readers who want a summary of the article, lazy readers, or readers who just like skim through articles.
  • is meant to give you the main ideas of the article.
  • is meant to provide some insight into the article.
  • is meant to give you the highlights of the article before you read it.
  • is meant to give you most details with the least amount of reading time possible.
  • is not meant to be a replacement to the article.
  • is on pages that have a summary available.
  • is located on the top left of every page and follows you down the page.
  • was designed and placed in an area that would be least annoying to the reader.
  • will pop out to display the full summary on mouse rollover.
  • may take direct text from the article or may be paraphrased.
  • may be used as a reference to understand the full article or confession.
  • may not be available for every article, specifically infographics and adult-only erotic confessions.
  • may not be available on articles with less than 400 words.
  • may or may not work properly on all mobile or tablet devices.
  • may not highlight all points of the article.
  • does not contain every single detail of the confession or article.
  • cannot be turned off or hidden.

To guest authors and those who submit confessions: you may submit your own paraphrased article in 4 to 5 bullet points at the end of your submission. Otherwise, a Quick Glimpse of your confession or article will be generated on publication.


To readers: We hope Quick Glimpse is helpful to you. Please let us know how can we improve Quick Glimpse to make it more useful in helping you to better understand all confessions and articles.



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