5 Points To Remember Before Purchasing Watches For Men [Infographic]

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Man Watch Style

Whenever we talk about men’s accessories, watches are the first thing that come in our mind. Watches help in making an awesome style statement. Watches are wearable at office, workplace, home, during travel or any desired place. These are not only used to know the time & date but also used for fashion & style purpose.

Here are 5 points that you should remember before purchasing watches for men:

1. Style of the watch

Style and pattern of the watch matters a lot so, before buying men’s watches, you should be aware about these two things.

2. Size and style of watch’s dial

There are different dials for different watches but every dial is not suitable. Select the dial that enhance the style of your watch.

3. Watch’s strap or band

Generally, strap of men’s watches is available in stainless steel or golden bands or black or brown leather straps. If you don’t prefer all of these then select the one that should be suitable for occasions.

4. Select what pattern is suitable in your hand

There are two types of men’s watches: – analogue and digital. Analogue pattern is more stylish then digital. If you like adventure & sports, digital watches are best for you.

5. Check if your watch is water resistant or not

Before buying them, it is good idea to check their water resistant capability.

In this infographic, these tips are described in detail. So, check out the infographic here and select the right watch.


5 Points To Remember Before Purchasing Watches For Men [Infographic]

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5 Points To Remember Before Purchasing Watches For Men

1. Style of the watch

Some of the most common watch styles include luxury, chronograph, sport, and automatic. If the watch is being purchased for professional or formal occasions, a luxury style watch would be a great choice for sure. If you are interested in outdoor activities then sport, automatic, or chronograph styled watches are best for you.

2. Watch Dial’s size & style

Watches have different kinds of dials: small, medium, and large. Choose a dial that will offer a good look to your wrist. Not only size but also the style of the dial is also important. Some dials are simple with little or no fuss; some dials are complex. This usually happens on a chronograph watch.

3. Band or the strap of the watch

Belt or the strap of the watch is also an important thing that should be considered. Settle for stainless steel or golden bands or black or brown leather straps. If you are choosing styles in straps and band, make sure that they are in sync with costumes you have or will be suitable for occasions where you intend to wear the branded watch.

4. Digital or Analog – Which is suitable?

Luxurious and formal watches mainly have analog patterns as they are more sophisticated and elegant when compared to digital watches. On the other hand adventure and sports watches are preferably digital in pattern as they contain other kinds of technological advanced features and facilities.

5. Check Water Resistance Capability

Water resistance capability is an important feature of watches that should be considered. Water should not affect the watch to a certain depth. This is good even if the watch gets wet in the rain.

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