Is A Public Speaking Course Worth It?

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Could a Public Speaking Course Be A Worthwhile Investment for You?

Before Public Speaking

At home, at work, at the shops, we all speak out loud on a daily basis. Whether we’re lecturing our children, chatting with friends, or engaged in small talk with neighbours, overall, we’re pretty comfortable with casual verbal communication. Yet, once we step behind a podium or face an audience, that comfortable, easy feeling quickly fades away for many people.

Nerves crack, a hesitation creeps into the speaker’s voice or tone or speaking pace, physical tics and twitches may appear, and sweat begins beading up on their brow. Known scientifically as glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias.

For many people, public speaking can be downright terrifying, which is a shame, considering how useful mastering the skill can be. While the size of the audience and the setting or style of delivery may change, whether you are interviewing for a job, conversing with customers or delivering a punchline, public speaking is a versatile skill that is worth developing.

Cultivating confidence in public speaking can positively affect your personal, professional and academic life. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a public speaking course.

You Need the Skill

No matter what your chosen career or business, you’re likely to find situations that require you to speak in front of others. Having good communication skills is essential whether you are a surgeon, cashier, teacher, accountant, swimming instructor or small business owner. Being able to communicate and speak confidently and assertively with others can help you deal more successfully with contractors, loan departments, and childcare centres.

There are many other circumstances that might require you to speak in public, such as community events, church, and school board meetings. Additionally, you may be called on to give a toast at your sister’s wedding, or offer a few words at a friend’s funeral. When you’ve had public speaking coaching, you will have the experience you need to be confident and ready to take on the task.

Get Ahead at Work

While the demand for specific degrees typically changes from time to time, the skills employers are seeking from new applicants doesn’t vary much. In fact, according to a National Association of College and Employers survey in 2013, the quality employers are looking for most in new recruits is the ability to communicate effectively.

Hiring a public speaking coach can help you stand out at work and be a better representative for your company. You’ll be prepared to speak up at meetings, address your team, promote your ideas, talk customers through sales plans, and present yourself professionally. The skills you learn from your public speaking coach will help you shine during one-on-one job interviews. Being a good public speaker sets you apart from the crowd. It’s easy to send out résumés and cover letters through emails, but if you’re able to pick up the phone and contact recruiters, and make an impression in an interview, you’ll have the pick of the most desirable positions.

Confidence Building

The experience you get during a public speaking course will help you to improve your communication skills. Work situations, social interactions and even personal relationships require the ability to communicate your ideas to others. Public speaking training helps you communicate those ideas more effectively, which can eliminate friction and conflict. You’ll be able to calmly disagree with and refute opposing views, defend your views, and present your opinions and ideas to others in a coherent and organised manner, which projects confidence.

Increase Organisational Skills

When you write and present a speech, you have to research the topic and organise your notes and time. You have to be organised to ensure that you cover all the points you need to make. With speech coaching, you’ll be able to prioritise ideas and effectively communicate them to others. These organisational skills can improve both your work and personal life.

Overcome Fears

According to a YouGov survey of British people’s biggest phobias, the fear of public speaking ranked third, after fear of heights and fear of spiders. Other surveys show that people rank their fear of speaking as being something they dread more than death. With the help of a public speaking coach, you could be kicking fear in the face.

When you learn to write and deliver a speech – and survive the experience unharmed – your anxiety about speaking in public will be greatly reduced. Taking part in a public speaking course can enable you to stand up in front of an audience or group, sustain eye contact comfortably, and engage others confidently. While you may still feel pangs of nervousness initially when addressing crowds, you will know how to face your fears, overcome them, and turn that fear into strength.

When you have successfully learned to deal with your biggest fear and reduce its hold on you, imagine what other things you’ll be capable of doing!