Product Packaging Tips [Infographic]

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Tips for Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Basic understanding of simple packaging fundamentals is not enough to make your packaging stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s not just about being attractive, packaging should be functional too. Powerful product packaging is also works as a medium to market your business. We often see businesses not taking proper advantage of product packaging and end up spending money on ordinary packaging.

Apart from design and functionality, product packaging should be eco-friendly as well because today customers are more aware of the harmful effects of certain packaging materials. You should always choose the right eco-friendly packaging materials. This practice will improve your brand awareness and also give a positive message to your customers.

Know your packaging products in the right way:

  1. Know Your Market

It is the first thing you should consider. Proper research is the foundation of successful marketing campaign. You should research your market and your competitors. Therefore while packaging your products you should know all the facts about the demographic you are targeting.

  1. Know Your Story

Customers want to interact with real people and they also want to know the story behind your brand. So connect with them emotionally.

With this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, we are sharing some of the most important product packaging tips.

Product Packaging Tips [Infographic]

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Powerful packaging needs a lot more than just having a basic understanding of the simple packaging fundamentals. It is not just about being appealing and persuasive with packaging but it is also about being practical about the ways in which packaging is done. Powerful product packaging design can likely initiate a powerful social media also. So therefore one needs to be really careful while doing this. So here are some tips that can help you in packaging your products in the right way.

1. Know Your Market

One very essential part to enquire about is who are you designing for? Proper and well planned research is the foundation for all the successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Therefore, while packaging your products you should always be careful about the fact that you do it according to the liking of your client only then can you expect a perfect product packaging success.

2. Know Your Competition

Take a walk down those crowded store aisles and see what your competition is doing, then do it better. But meanwhile, make sure that you don’t lose your originality. Always keep it in mind that a competitor is never weak. So try to beat him by your own ideas and keep your originality intact.

3. Know Your Story

Every brand has a story. Packaging tells your brand story but in a thoughtfully scaled down version that just fits the physical format. Therefore, make sure that your brand story is always interesting and irresistible. By doing this you can develop interest in your client’s heart as a result of which your packaging ideas shall make their way out to success.

4. Know Your Product

Packaging copy must tell your customers what you want them to know as well as what else they need to know. These two aspects are not always the same. There is a fine line between these two things. Don’t let off all the secrets to the customers that might harm your business structure but do inform them the necessary facts that they rightfully need to know.

5. Know Your Personality

Is your brand/product personality serious or is it just a sort of fun? Your packaging design i.e. shape, size, colours, textures, imagery, and type fonts must work together to reflect the personality of your products. Don’t be too reluctant to use humors but on the other hand, don’t make it too funny so that no customer would take your work seriously.

6. Know Your Materials Well

Can the design be reproduced effectively in mass and is it cost effective to reproduce? Will your materials stand up well in the retail landscape? These are some very dire questions that are needed to be taken care of properly. Your materials should be long lasting and effective starting from the initial transport to its life in the owner’s house.

7. Know Your Responsibilities

Brands have a responsibility to be environmentally conscious. Packaging should always be eco-friendly. These days nature is given the prior importance so you should always make sure that your products do not result in harming nature in any way, this will certainly result in a bad reputation.





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