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Preparing for Employment Background Verification

Author: Swati Srivastava
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What You Need To Know About Preparing for Employment Background Verification

You have recently made it through an employer list of candidates! Before the employer provides you with the offer letter, the company wants to conduct a background verification. Your employment history, financial status, criminal status and identity will be checked during this process. But, there is much more you need to know before your potential employer starts a background check…

What you need to know before preparing for Employment Background Verification: Background Checking

Why is it needed?

Employment background verifications by employers are now being conducted more often than in the past. Employers check backgrounds for several reasons including confirming your actual identity, verifying your work record, and to avoid any risk of hiring a job applicant who has falsified information.

In the current competitive job market scenario, in order to get a hold of the best job opportunity, many people may attempt to provide false or misleading information. In addition to this, companies are also concerned about negligent hiring lawsuits to which employers can be considered responsible for major losses caused by an employee for whom a proper background check was not conducted. Hence, to avoid any risk to the organization, choosing a genuine employee for a suitable position is vital.

What Can Employers Check?

Most employers conduct employee background verifications by using a third party. But, for employees, the question still remains the same – What do employers check? Your employer may confirm important details such as criminal record, family background, employment history, behavioral conduct (from previous employer), and educational history.

If you are not truthful on your application, you may be disqualified from employment and you could be terminated in the future if your information was found to be false - not necessarily because of what was found, but because you were dishonest when you applied.

When you fill in the details in your employment application form, do not forget that the information you are providing will be verified. This form is technically a permission slip given to the employer to check your complete background before they accept you for the job offer.

Strategies for Job Seekers

When it comes to background checks and employment applications, job seekers can follow the below mentioned strategies:

  • Read properly the complete job application form: Do not jump into filling the application form as soon as you get it. Rather, read it carefully to get an idea of what all areas you will be checked on.
  • Try to know your rights: Knowledge is power! Be a knowledgeable job seeker to know what all an employer can check. There are many genuine websites that provide such information.
  • Share information on what is asked: It is wise to disclose only what is asked in the employment application form. Providing unnecessary information is not required at all.
  • Try to get an assessment test or credit report: One can earn a background verification certificate by taking a test from a recognized certificate provider. Such certificates enhance the chance to showcase your expertise to your potential employer. This also helps to come across any issues and rectify them in advance.
  • Be honest with your employer: In case you are asked about any criminal record or any other serious issues, do not share the wrong information. The idea is to be honest with your employer to avoid problems in the later stages of the job.

Start preparing for a background check

Here is a simple approach to prepare each element of verification process in advance to avoid last minute confusion:

Employment history: Make sure the employment related information provided on resume is correct, such as name of your last organization, duration served, job role and other related information. Keep your relieving letter and experience certificate ready.

Identity: Make sure you have all the identity related documents ready with you. Keep two copies of identity proof such as passport and driver's license.

Education: Keep all educational certificates ready that you claimed to have. Keep a set of photocopies if your employer demands it.

Remember, you cannot hide information from your potential employer. Make your job profile credible by understanding the importance of the employment background verification process.

About the Author

Swati Srivastava is a writer and blogger who loves to write on various topics related to career and education sector. The above post confesses the importance of background verification and shares some useful tips to prepare for the same.

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  • Employment background verifications by employers are now being increasingly conducted than in the past.
  • To avoid any risk to the organization, choosing a genuine employee and running background verification is vital.
  • If you're not truthful on your application, it can disqualify you from employment and you could be terminated in the future.
  • When you fill in the details in your employment application form, do not forget that the information you are providing will be verified.