How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exams

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Preparing for the CBSE Board Exams

CBSE Board Exams Preparation

CBSE board exam is just round the corner and there is so much to prepare in such a short period. The pressure must have already built on as board exam scores matter a lot when it comes to deciding your career. Here are few useful tips for the upcoming CBSE board exam to pass with flying colors:

Study Plan
As the exam is drawing near, you should have a solid study plan and build a mindset to follow it. Sort important topics and allot time to study them in detail. Refer previous 10 years’ question papers and include those topics in your study plan. You may also consult your teachers and get their help in preparing for the exam.

Understand the Concepts
Memorizing doesn’t guarantee you a good score in the exam and even if you manage to get high score it has no use. It is important to understand the core concepts clearly to implement it in real life or to answer any question asked in the exam. If you have conceptual clarity then you would have the confidence to answer any tricky question easily.

Stay Away from Distraction
There is a lot going on in our highly connected world that can distract us from doing what we are supposed to do. Constant IM pings, messages, calls, TV, music, social media networks and more distract us from focusing on our study. Put away your mobile, switch off the TV, and stop spending too much time with friends to concentrate on your studies. Staying focused on your exam preparation shows your strong will power and mental strength.

Take Healthy Diet
Eating a healthy diet is important during exam. When you eat healthy diet your body gets stable source of energy which keeps your body fit. Taking nutritious foods on a regular interval makes your mind more alert and increase grasping power.

Just before the exam day revise the key concepts and going through the notes you had prepared earlier. Revising what you have read previously helps you remember what you have learnt.

Take Small Breaks
Taking mini-breaks while preparing for an exam keeps your mind fresh and active. It helps your body and mind relax and recover from lethargy. Take 4-6 minutes of breaks every 45 minutes to approach your studies with a renewed mind and enthusiasm.

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