4 Practical Tips For Efficient Cleaning

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For the majority of you people out there cleaning is one of the most tedious exercises in futility you have to execute during your relatively busy daily schedules. However, that’s not what cleaning is for me. It’s a way of improving my mental fortitude and enabling me to develop the discipline levels of a Buddhist monk. It’s not a workout in uselessness you have to perform every once in a while because you don’t want to lead a dirty, grimy, messy and chaotic existence, but it’s a way of taking applicable ideas and utilizing them in practice. It’s both a something you have to do, and something you can benefit from. Here are 4 tips on how to be a more efficient cleaner and how to stop looking at it as the most boring and utterly mundane portion of your day.

4. Prepare mentally

The more you think about how much something isn’t worth your time or how much you hate it, the more the effects of these negative emotions will amplify. The human works this way since in nature the negative spectrum of emotions has helped us to survive. In the 21st century, however, in some situations these residual survival instincts we don’t really need in many daily situations persist. When you think something is otiose and you focus on that mindfulness, you begin to fall into a deeper state of frustration. The way to break the cycle is to see the process in a different light. I told you how I see – it’s a wonderful way to improve myself and even relax while working out different concepts in my mind, because cleaning doesn’t require my concentration. I can clean my hope and hardly remember I’ve even done it. It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right mindfulness.

3. Action before reaction

If you wait for you place to get really messy, it will be that much harder to begin cleaning since you will know how much time it will take. However, if you clean everyday, you will be getting it in done in no more than 15 minutes a day. You want have to waste hours from your day, but mere minutes. Isn’t it worth it?

2. Do or don’t – there is not try

Loosely quoting Master Yoda from Star Wars in a bit more grammatically correct fashion, I will tell you to either do or not – there is no middle ground. You will either clean your place or you will not. Don’t start and then abandon it mid-cleaning because then you’ve done nothing.

1. Make sure you have everything you need before you start cleaning

So you’ve applied yourself to cleaning. You have worked up the mentality and have even started cleaning every day. You’ve decided not to let anything unfinished. You’re on your to becoming the ultimate cleaning machine. Oh, but what’s that? You were about to clean your windows when you realized you didn’t have a window cleaner? This will surely break your combo. Running to the store is one of the main reasons people abandon cleaning after they’ve started. Be sure to have everything you need prepared before you begin.

That’s it from me. Apply these four simple tips and you will become a much more efficient cleaner. Who knows – you might even start to enjoy it like I do.

 Emma Trevisani is a manager of professional cleaning company CarpetCleanerLondon. She has years of experience as a cleaner and has a lot of knowledge to share.