Potentialities That Professional Housekeepers Must Have

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Every professional housekeeper needs to have a number of skills and qualifications to meet the requirements of cleaning agencies. Below we have listed a few of them. Have a look.

If you are a housekeeper who wants to attract an employer’s attention, you need to outline your best skills and personality traits, previous experience, strengths, capabilities and qualifications. Your resume should include all relevant experience you have had so far.

A regular customer is a happy customer. If people come back to you, it means you are good at what you are doing. A good cleaner should do their utmost to understand and meet clients’ needs. They should know that every customer has different demands that they have to comply with.

Qualifications and skills

A good housekeeper should have professional appearance and friendly attitude with people. Customer service skills should be exceptional. Housekeepers should want to assist others. They should be accurate and persistent.

Every housekeeper should also:

  • Be aware of safe working instructions: without a proper knowledge of the safe working instructions you expose yourself to unnecessary risks
  • Follow safe working instructions
  • Know what cleaning products and materials are needed to clean a particular surface, as well as the amount of cleaning solution used: each surface needs different cleaning products. Some surfaces are more sensitive and need a gentler cleaner. Others have to be scrubbed longer, especially if they have stubborn stains. You ought to know exactly how much cleaning solution is enough to remove dirt and grime from a surface.
  • Be motivated and skilled
  • Be able to work on their own without supervision
  • Be able to work in a team: oftentimes you may have to work in a team with other people. This means you ought to get on well with them. Working in a team helps productivity.
  • Be loyal, honest and persistent: once you are hired to clean a house, apartment or office, you have to be there on the day and time you negotiated with the property owners. If you are lazy and reluctant about the job, you will lose customers.
  • Be reliable: make sure people know they can count on you. Be available every time they need you.
  • Be in a good physical condition: it is very important to be in a good physical condition as cleaning requires strength and energy. If you have illnesses that restrict your physical activity, you should consult a doctor whether you fit the requirements of the desired job position.
  • Be able to clean all sorts of surfaces: as a professional housekeeper you are going to clean a variety of rooms, furniture, types of floors, appliances, etc. You need to have a proper knowledge of how different surfaces are cleaned safely and efficiently.
  • Be able to work with cleaning equipment that involves cleaning tools and solutions
  • Know how to work safely with cleaning tools and solutions
  • Be proficient in removing stains, dirt and grime
  • Have knowledge of cleaning procedures
  • Be ready to tackle additional tasks for customers: most people are interested in general cleaning services, but some need a person to tackle other tasks such as preparing meals and running errands. For this reason, you need to sit and think what services you are most likely to perform before you embark on this journey.
  • Should decide how much they are going to charge customers
  • Be prepared to schedule their week properly

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