Playing Doctor with a Candy Striper

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I’m not sure what to feel. Last night I did something so crazy, so unlike me. It was a slow night in the emergency room. When I volunteered to be a “candy striper” there, I guess I pictured myself being more useful, making a bigger difference. Most nights, however, have been rather uneventful. Last night at last I saw some action, but not the sort of action I’d bargained for.

It seems like every day I’ve been writing about Steve Simon in my diary, confessing my feelings for the dreamy young intern Doctor who makes all the ladies sigh. I wonder how he sees me? Does he take me seriously, or am I just a ditzy blond to him? He’s always been flirty with me, giving me meaningful smiles as we pass each other in the halls, and I’ve been flattered by his attention, but last night… well, perhaps I’d better start at the beginning.

We chatted in the cafeteria over coffee, every moment of eye contact bringing a rosy blush to my cheeks. He talked about his three years at the hospital and told some stories about med school, and I did my best to be charming. The conversation migrated to his on-call office, where he sat at his desk and I sat in a chair, answering his questions about my life; Where had I gone to school; What were my ambitions; Did I have a boyfriend… the last one took me by surprise. I told him I didn’t, stuttering a little.

Steve got up from his seat and sat closer to me on the edge of his desk. He told me that he wanted to tell me something.

“I find you very… very attractive, Michelle.” he said to me. I turned blood red, wondering if maybe I’d dozed off somewhere and this was another of my romantic dreams. I was already deeply aroused by his posture as he leaned closer to me whispering of his attraction to me. My heart skipped a beat when he asked if he could kiss me. I had just opened my mouth to say “Yes,” when he leaned forward, taking ahold of the back of my neck and pressing his mouth to mine.

I’m ashamed to say it, but I almost orgasmed right there. I mean, I guess I’m an attractive girl, blond, well endowed in the bust, but I’d never felt such heat and desire before. My skin seemed to be electrically charged, and I felt myself moisten as he lifted me onto the desk, and broke the kiss to tell me he wanted me.

I didn’t know what to say, but no words were necessary. His mouth descended my jawline to my neck which he kissed softly, as his hand ran from my hair down my shoulder to my breast. He squeezed it firmly, and almost against my will, a moan escaped my lips.

Like a man possessed, Steve brushed everything off his desk, papers flying, his ipad landing in the waist paper bin, pens rolling across the linoleum floor. I wrapped my long legs around his waist as my hands began unbuttoning his shirt.

Was I worried that someone would walk in? I should have been, but I wasn’t. I was too aroused. Looking back on it, I feel a little ashamed.

It wasn’t until he had pulled down his pants and unleashed his large, veiny, throbbing manhood, that I stopped him.

“Steve,” I said, my voice quivering. “I… I’m a virgin.”

He paused for a moment, and then kissed me so tenderly and gently on the forehead, I thought I’d melt.

“I’ll be gentle.” he said softly. He smiled. I smiled. That was my invitation.

My skirt was pulled up and he’d freed my large breasts from my blouse. My nipples were fully erect and throbbing with arousal, as he wrapped his lips around them and massaged them with his tongue. I felt one of his hands reach down and softly dip just barely inside me, stimulating my sensitive spot, and assuring that I was as wet as a summer typhoon.

I felt his chin tickle my stomach as he climbed down my body until his face was level with my most intimate area. When his lips met my sex my eyes shut, my lips parted and my head leaned back. This was obviously a man who understood the human body, and he had all my nerve endings tingling, as he pleasured me with his skilled tongue.

A moment later he had risen to my eye level again, and my hands found his hardness, my finger wrapping around it instinctively. I bent forward to take him into my mouth, feeling him twitch. He let out a deeply sensual moan as I bobbed my head, taking in more of his manhood each time.

Both of us properly prepared, we embraced again, shedding what was left of our work clothes. We kissed and he carefully, sensitively slipped himself into me.

After the briefest moment of pain, it felt better than I dreamed it would feel. We rocked back and forth on the wooden desk, moving as one hot throbbing mass of flesh and muscle. He was strong but gentle, thrusting into me without ever breaking eye contact. I put my arms around his neck and held him to me. My blond hair matted to my forehead with sweat.

He lifted me up, so that we were holding each other upright tangled in each other, still moving like dancers in our steamy intercourse.

I felt a climax building in me, and from the veins in Steve’s neck, I could tell he was close too. The thrusts became faster and harder. Just then, from his discarded pants on the floor, we heard the unmistakeable sound of his pager going off.

“Oh god…” he sighed, leaning to fish it out of his pants pocket.

“Ignore it,” I whispered, still so close to the edge.

“I can’t… I’m so sorry, Michelle… I’m needed. It’s an emergency.”

With that, Steve got quickly dressed, leaving me in his office partially clad, hair tossled, smelling of sex, and unsatisfied.

I don’t know what it will be like when we see each other next. Was that just a fluke to him? A random deflowering of a teenaged candy striper, for fun? Or was this the start of something? Only time will tell.