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Play Audio: WebSpeech API

Audio Now Available: Confessions Are Now Easier To Read



Confessions of the Professions understands the vastness of information available on the Internet. There is more knowledge and content on the Internet than exists in books in the physical world. Since we began Confessions of the Professions, we have been looking for ways to make reading confessions easier for our readers, including offering Quick Glimpse and ensuring all confessions contain proper easy-to-read paragraph formatting. We try to limit our confessions to between 1,000 and 2,500 words, though sometimes some may be shorter or longer. We have been looking for ways to make reading confessions even easier, hiring people to read confessions and even reading them ourselves, but this obviously became too expensive and too tedious to do for every confession on our website.

With the advancement in technology, the long awaited WebSpeech API script has finally arrived and reads confessions fairly well. We were looking for audio technology with a robot that did not sound like the original Apple Macintosh computers or that a robot was speaking. With some assistance from Apple and Google, the technology has come into existence to make reading unlimited content possible.

To use it you must go to the chrome://flags settings page, enable experimental WebKit features and restart your browser.

We are happy to offer this audio feature to those readers who are blind, to those readers who have an easier time listening to audio than reading, or any other readers who just prefer audio over reading. We will continue in our best efforts to make reading easier for you, as new technology and features become available to us.

The Audio is currently in beta testing and will be displayed on every confession. There currently exists only a Play and a Stop mode, as Pause and Resume do not seem to be features that are fully functioning at this time. Clicking on Play Audio may not start the reading of the confession immediately, as the script has to be processed through the server, so we ask that you do not go click-crazy to get the confession to play. Be patient and it will play. You may also hit the Stop Audio button before hitting the Play Audio button to ensure any audio currently playing is stopped, as only one audio sequence can be playing at a time.

Unfortunately, due to the early technology, not all browsers support this audio feature.

Major web browsers that do support audio: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari for iPhone, Mobile Opera, Mobile Chrome for iPhone and Android.

Major web browsers that do not support audio: Firefox and Internet Explorer.

For more information on Speech Synthesis API support:

We would like to hear from you if you are using this feature.

Please contact us with any comments, feedback, or bugs while using this feature.


From our Audio Tests (5/18/2015):

  • Opera is supported and works without issue - Windows 7, Linux. iPhone 4, 5,6
  • Chrome is supported but only works on certain computers but must have the experimental Webkit feature enabled - Chromebook, Windows 7
  • Safari is supported but is not working at all - Windows 7
  • IE is not supported at all - Windows 7
  • Firefox is not supported at all - Windows 7, Linux
  • iPhone 4 - Chrome, Safari, Opera (voice speed faster)
  • iPhone 5 - Chrome, Safari, Opera (voice speed faster)
  • iPhone 6 - Chrome, Safari, Opera (voice speed faster)

If you prefer to listen to Confessions of the Professions, we recommend you download and use the Opera web browser with Google Chrome as your secondary browser.

We are working to get additional audio features on Confessions of the Professions. Please stay tuned.

If the audio feature does not work for you, we suggest trying these alternatives addons, plugins, and extensions for your browser:



Chrome Speak



Text to Voice


Google™ Text-to-Speech

Fangs Screen Reader Emulator


Google™ Text-to-Speech

Select and Speak


Built in for Safari on Mac OS X: Highlight any text and go to the menu, Safari > Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text.

Windows Computers

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access): Home of the free NVDA Screen Reader

Windows 8 Narrator