4 Ways Perfume Can Make You A Better Salesperson

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4 Ways Perfume Can Make You A Better Salesperson

If you want to become a successful salesperson, you should consider several components. First of all, the way you look is half the battle already: a nice, professional outfit will tell your customers everything they need to know about you. A decent haircut, manicure, and make-up also matter—don’t think that you can show up at work wearing torn jeans and some old stained t-shirt and get a deal, unless you’re a fashion designer and that’s your personal style. Everything about your appearance should be perfect.

Good scents can also attract people, and you can use them to your benefit—here is how you can do it:

1.       Pheromone perfumes

Pheromones, also known as natural aphrodisiacs, are airborne chemical factors that attract species of the opposite sex. People normally produce pheromones through sweat or other fluids, and your nose catches them without your awareness. Pheromones trigger a chemical reaction in your brain that causes a feeling of attraction to a person of the opposite sex.

Pheromone perfumes can make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and as a salesperson, you can use this quality to your advantage. A splash of pheromone perfume would make a salesman look more dominant, and a saleswoman more desirable. Either way, the person wearing said perfume would look more respectable, elegant, and attractive to customers.

2.       Fresh scents

Perfumes with fresh citrus scents will highlight your energy, youth and vitality—perfect for shop assistants in trendy stores. These scents are charming and light, while heavy perfumes might annoy your customers and force them to leave.

4 Ways Perfume Can Make You A Better Salesperson

3.       Lavender and vanilla

Lavender is a well-known relaxant and aphrodisiac, and its scent will make your customers feel comfortable around you. This fragrance might be a bit heavy for a salesperson working indoors, so it’s best to choose a lavender perfume that’s blended with vanilla. This way, the sweet vanilla scent will soften the lavender and create a nice atmosphere around you.

4.       Positive Thinking

I am sure you have a ‘lucky’ perfume that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and attractive. If any of your customers give you a hard time, try to stay positive and look on a bright side: a whiff of your favorite perfume will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Remember that positive people tend to succeed more than negative people do.

Remember the general rule of perfumes:  it should complement your personality, and you should feel comfortable wearing it. If you’re a shy girl, you should not wear perfume suited to femme fatales, as it will not suit your image. You should choose softer perfumes with light lime and floral notes. On the contrary, if you love wearing heels and feel comfortable in a stylish suit, you should choose the rather aggressive, powerful scent of a unisex perfume—this way you would remain professional and avoid being overtly sexual; it is a workplace, after all. Men should use crisp, masculine scents that suit their personalities, and will attract female customers.

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